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A documentary on the Discovery channel, it shows all the behind the scenes action that takes place at 1600 Pennsylvania ave on inauguration day.
Squeal Man wrote:Who's going to clean the shyte and piss out of the White House elevators?I was thinking more along the lines of bedbugs as a worst case scenario.
I hope they remember to take "Mooshells" mother from the basement along with I'm sure, a few Kenyan relatives living in storerooms, sleeping on mats.

The staff has just 6 hours to move out the belongings of the former POTUS and his family and move in the new POTUS. Wipe dry and spray with vinegar again to activate any remaining baking soda, then clean the area with a different damp cloth to remove the vinegar.
Urine is surprisingly acidic and can greatly damage your laminate’s protective coating over time.

Also the STI trans is much stronger than the EVOs.OP, If it's going to be your DD, just get an STI.

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