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Bloating, hormonal headaches, mood swings, fatigue, and cramps are just some of the signs and symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, otherwise known as PMS. Basically PMS is a set of hormonal changes that occurs 7 to 14 days before your actual “period” starts. Medical studies report that roughly 95 percent of women suffer from over 150 symptoms associated with PMS!
Nutritionists and dietitians often advise women who suffer from PMS to consume a very healthy food diet.
Vitamins and supplements like vitamin B6 and calcium may also be beneficial in the reduction of PMS symptoms. Aspirin, water pills, and hormonal therapy are some of the treatments suggested by mainstream medicine for treating PMS symptoms. The reason exercise helps PMS is because it boosts the metabolism and improves circulation. In addition, these endorphins may help ease anxiety, mood swings, and depression that is sometimes triggered during PMS.
Bloating, abdominal fullness and feeling gaseous can all be symptoms of PMS (premenstrual syndrome).
I don’t know about you guys, but for me, getting my period also means dealing with awful cramps, major bloating, constant exhaustion and horrible headaches. Sure, the quickest option for getting rid of any kind of period pain might be to pop a pill like Tylenol or Naproxen, but am I the only one who hates taking a ton of medication during one week of every month?
Dark Chocolate When we have our period, a lot of us find ourselves craving chocolate or something else that's sweet.
Source: ShutterStock CeleryCelery is full of water (it literally has zero calories!) and so it's a good food to eat if you're trying to stop yourself from bloating. Source: ShutterStock Pumpkin SeedsPumpkin seeds have zinc in them, which has been shown to help get rid of cramps. How To Eat It: Yeah, you could buy pumpkin seeds in the store, but most of those are probably loaded with salt, which is only going to make you bloated. Source: ShutterStock Pineapple Whether you want to drink pineapple juice or just eat it plain, this delicious fruit can help relax your muscles, which in turn can help ease your cramps. How To Eat It: Bananas are perfect on their own, but if you need something more, try adding a little cinnamon and a few drops of honey.
Source: ShutterStock SalmonThis fatty fish is full of omega-3s and vitamin D, both of which have been shown to help with PMS symptoms. Since the beginning of time, women have had to deal with the negative side effects associated with PMS. With bloating, cramps, and discomfort being commonplace for many women, we’ve often had to turn to pain medications, therapies, and trips to the doctor in order to fight back against PMS problems. However, I was surprised to learn that we might actually have more control over these things than we originally thought. Just as there are foods that will help spice up your love life, there are also foods that can combat the negative effects of PMS. LittleThings talked to certified dietician nutritionist Ilyse Schapiro, and vitamin and supplement expert Hallie Rich, about the influence food can have on your PMS symptoms.

These co-authors of the upcoming book Should I Scoop Out My Bagel? gave us some exclusive insight into precisely which foods you should eating, and which foods might be making your PMS pains even worse. Alcohol can quickly and easily contribute to the negative side effects associated with PMS. Anything that increases your anxiety levels is a bad thing during this extremely sensitive time of the month.
Red meat is not always the easiest thing to digest, and it can actually make your PMS symptoms even worse. Dairy products can actually make your cramps even worse, and should be avoided at all costs.
Try to get your calcium from other sources, and skip foods like cheese, milk, ice cream and butter. Skip the fast food, and instead feed your cravings with some of the healthier options below.
Hummus eaten with fresh vegetables like celery or carrots can be crucial to easing your cramps. This fish can help reduce bloating and stop your cramps because of its anti-inflammatory qualities. Grilled chicken breast is a healthy and lean option for keeping your energy up and your PMS pains at bay.
Oatmeal is one of the main foods that the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine suggests in order to reduce menstrual cramps. Including oatmeal in your diet throughout the month can reduce the symptoms by the time your PMS strikes. Leafy green vegetables like spinach are a good source of iron and calcium, both of which go a long way in fighting cramps. This superfood has many other health benefits, providing you with more energy and even helping your skin.
Broccoli contains much-needed calcium, vitamin A, and vitamin C – all of which can help you combat your symptoms. Because celery contains so much water, you will be able to lessen your PMS pain, without consuming any calories at all.
Luckily, dark chocolate is a sweet snack that will also help your muscles to relax, aiding with PMS pain. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine recommends including plenty of whole grains in your diet, such as brown rice. Being aware of which foods you should eat and which you should avoid can have a huge impact on your PMS cramps and nausea. For more from experts Ilyse Schapiro and Hallie Rich, their book Should I Scoop Out My Bagel? is available on Amazon. PMS symptoms usually disappear once the actual period begins but that’s irrelevant when the frustration and aggravation lingers on as you suffer through another painful period, right? Although the causes of PMS are still unclear, some medical researchers suggest that it is associated with the fluctuations in hormone levels like estrogen and progesterone. Increasing carbohydrates during the weeks before menstruation may help alleviate the symptoms of PMS.

Eliminating or reducing your consumption of alcohol, caffeine, refined sugar, salt, and animal fats will also help. When you’re excersing, your body is producing endorphins, its natural source of painkillers. If you have PMS problems, try to get sufficient sleep and use calming techniques like massage, meditation, or hot baths to stay stay relaxed.
Sometimes, natural remedies are the best way to cure our pains and stay healthy at the same time.
If you need something to spice it up, try dipping it in peanut butter or hummus - both of those foods can also help with period pains. Fun fact: if you exercise, you should eat bananas afterwards to ease your muscle cramps the next day. Personally, I like to add teriayki sauce and spices like ginger (which can also be good for your PMS symptoms). Both spinach and kale will help get rid of your cramps and, overall, they're both just really healthy. I don’t like taking pills and I was told taking baths while cramping you can get an infection.
Others propose that PMS may be caused by neurotransmitter level changes like that of serotonin, a neurotransmitter which regulates anger, mood, and sexuality. Carbohydrates may increase the level of the neurotransmitter serotonin, since low levels of serotonin have been linked to depression brought on by PMS. These natural painkilling substances help boost your mood and provide a greater sense of well-being.
Supplementing with calcium, magnesium and vitamin B6 just before you know you’re going to suffer with PMS will help ward of bloating.
There are actually a bunch of different kinds of foods and drinks out there that can help with your PMS symptoms. You can also try my favorite way to eat an avocado: mash it, smear it on toast and add scrambled eggs. But this isn't the only type of seed you should try - studies have also shown that sunflower and sesame seeds help too. Green tea has been shown to help with cramps, while peppermint tea will soothe your stomach and help beat bloating. And while formal research continues on the exact causes of PMS, what is clear is that you and I need to arm ourselves with effective methods to manage the symptoms. So instead of taking over-the-counter medications, first try regular exercise, proper nutrition, and sufficient sleep to alleviate the pain and discomfort that PMS brings. Willow bark is also a natural pain reliever, similar to aspirin, but without the risk of scary side effects.

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