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To figure out how to get rid of dark circles and puffiness under your eyes, you need to first understand that these issues can be cause by different things.
Because there are so many different causes of under eye circles and puffiness, it can be hard to know how to remedy the problem. Get started treating the problem as soon as you wake up by splashing your face with cold water first thing in the morning. If you spend a lot of time at your computer (as I do) make sure you take time to allow your eyes to rest.
There are also a lot of things you can place on your eyes to help get rid of puffiness and dark circles. Concealer is a great friend if you have dark circles under your eyes but choosing the right concealer is important. Once you have your concealer in place, you want to finish up by applying foundation and a light powder. I find its easier to figure out how to do something if its spelled out for me in a step by step guide so I decided to share my routine for concealing under eye circles with you in that format.
Step One: Starting at the inner corners of your eyes, dab your concealer under the eye using your finger or a makeup sponge. Step Two: Set your concealer by patting a little translucent powder under your eye with your makeup wedge.
Step Four: Dot your upper lid (just behind and between the lashes) with your dark brown pencil.
Step Five: Working from the inner corner or your eye to the outer corner, line the inner rim of your eye with your brown pencil.
Step Six: Use your blue eye pencil (you can use the dark brown again if you don’t have blue), add a layer of liner to the top lid, just behind the lashes.
Step Seven: Use your waterproof mascara to add two coats of mascara to just the top lashes.
Step Eight: Finish up your look by adding a small amount of white shadow to the inner corners of your eyelids. Baggy eyes not only disturb your appearance, but also cause discomfort in extreme situations. Prior to sleeping, do not forget to remove contact lenses, because lens irritation and drying, which in turn leads to puffiness.
Avoid too much rubbing or drying of eyes, since it aggravates the allergies and results in puffiness. Reduce your salt intake, because salt can cause water retention, which ultimately leads to puffy eyes. In case, you find your eyes turning red and if you have excessive itchy sensation, massage your scalp with curd.
In case, none of the above tips helps you in getting rid of baggy eyes, you need to consult an eye care professional. Just like a natural treatment for eye bags, starch found in potatoes contains anti-inflammatory properties so that they can aid in treating puffy eyes. Alternatively, you can slice a medium-size potato into 2 after refrigerating it for 10 minutes. Next to home remedies to get rid of eye bags caused by tiredness and fatigue, you can try applying milk. Egg whites contain skin-tightening properties, which can give quick relief to eyes bags as well as assist in the wrinkles prevention.
To get rid of eye bags caused by your stress or eye tiredness, you should strengthen your health internally. Make use of black tea bags or green teaA bags, as both of them can soothe irritated and puffy eyes, also reduce swelling your eyes thanks to their anti-irritant properties. The antioxidant and vitamin E present in this gel are very effective in removing puffiness under your eyes.
VKool encourages comments, but please remember: Play nice, keep it clean, stay on-topic, and avoid promotional content. Eat Your Way To Great Health & Longevity: Free eBook Reveals 101 Of The Best Superfoods To Incorporate Into Your Diet, Along With Their Amazing Health Benefits. Whether you’re tired, emotional, run down or suffer from dark circles under the eyes, you don’t have to put up with them. Your kitchen probably already has at least two or three of these simple store cupboard staples that can reduce (and get rid of) under eye bags and lighten dark circles in it, and if not, they’re easy and cheap to pick up from the local store.
A couple of slices of cucumber from the fridge are all it takes to give your eyes a soothing cold compress, though for best results cut three or four for each eye and replace them after a few minutes each.

If you want to feel even more awake than with a cucumber compress, make a cup of black or green tea with two tea bags (and no milk) and leave the cup in the fridge overnight.
You may not usually store potatoes in the fridge, but try chilling one and slicing it much as you would the cucumber.
If you want to tighten the skin under your eyes but don’t want to splash out on expensive creams, try this simple trick: Separate the white from the yolk of an egg, and dab the white onto the skin under your eyes. Even if you haven’t got any of the food staples in your kitchen to perk up your eyes, you can still get the advantages of a cold compress.
Nice tips!!Cucumber juice is also effective method to relieve swelling and reduce the dark circles under the eyes. You can work hard to flawlessly apply your makeup but if you fail to conceal that baggage under your eyes, your look will suffer for it.
Figuring out what causes your circles and puffiness can help you remedy the problem instead of just covering it up.
Green vegetables contain lots of vitamins and nutrients that have been proven to fight off puffiness and under eye circles.
Take a walk, do some housework or anything else that doesn’t involve putting strain on your eyes. If the makeup you’re using irritates your eyes, switch brands immediately as you might be allergic to something in the product.
For dark circles, you’re going to want to choose a concealer that is one shade lighter than the concealer you would usually use to conceal blemishes.
You can choose to leave the bare concealer there but by adding foundation and powder you get even greater coverage and the additional products will help set the concealer. Be careful to use waterproof mascara as mascara smudges are only going to make those circles worse.
Apart from exhaustion, there are many other causes, such as water retention, allergies, lack of sleep, hormonal changes, high sodium levels and emotional crying, which bring about baggy eyes. Seek medical help immediately, to find out if you are suffering from any other problem or allergies. Ita€™s actually hard to feel alert and fresh when yourA eyesA are droopy and tired all the day, due to those annoying eye bags. Simply, dip 2 cotton pads in a little chilled milk, then place these cotton pads on the eyelids. Try Vitamin E Oil Beside milk, you can apply vitamin E on your face and focus on your eye area to get rid of eye bags caused by the lack of sleep. Refrigerate a cucumber for 10 minutes then cut into thick slices and apply chilled cucumber slices on your eye areas. Drinking a plenty of water and keeping your body hydrate also help you energetic and get rid of exhaustion. After then, take these spoons out and hold the rounded part of the spoons against each your eye for several minutes until they become warm. To reduce this swelling under your eyes, then apply cold water or some ice cubes warp into a clean cloth. The aloe vera gel is very common in beauty recipes, include the benefits for dark eye circles and eye puffiness.
Bring your eyes to life in the morning by squeezing out the excess liquid and relaxing with one bag over each eye for five minutes or until the tea bags have warmed up. Give the following natural remedies for dark circles and puffiness a try and see what works best for you. You don’t have to buy the product they recommend but it will give you an idea of what you’re looking for. I would recommend using a makeup sponge or a makeup wedge but you can use your fingertip too.
Foundation and powder also help even out your face and give your overall look a more polished look.
When the tea bags are chilled, lie down and keep the bags on closed eyelids, for 5 to10 minutes. This is effective to not only remove puffiness, but also prevent the formation of dark circles, when applied regularly. Start by taking a little chilled water and pour it in a small bowl, then add several drops of high quality vitamin E oil. Enjoy doing it when you are tired or apply it several times a week for your skin enhancement and relaxed eyes. To make use of this home remedy, keep fresh strawberries in your refrigerator for about 30 minutes.

Moreover, aloe vera gelA can help improve blood circulation as well as flush out fluids present around your eyes, thereby reducing swelling. Hope that you can find some available and useful to treat this problem quickly and effectively.
You’ll get the cold compress effect that reduces swelling and puffiness, and also get a caffeine boost from the tea.
Regardless of the reason, if treating the problem doesn’t work, you only have two options – deal or conceal. It’s also really important to avoid all oil based concealers when you’re dealing with dark circles.
You’re also going to want to blend the concealer by patting the skin rather than dragging your finger or sponge across the skin. Dotting eyeliner behind the lashes on your upper lid will make your eye color stand out more which will in turn draw attention away from those dark circles. If the majority of people in a family have baggy eyes, then it can be stated as a hereditary trait. Fortunately, with the help of some home remedies, you can get rid of eye bags permanently without surgery fast.
The astringent properties and the enzymes present in fresh cucumber can act to treat eye bags and dark eye circles by reducing skin inflammation.
In reality, when your body is well-hydrated, there will be less chance of the water retention that may cause the eyelids and other body parts to swell.
Besides, this massage also helps relax blood vessels around your eyes and offer a quick relief to your tired eyes. Simply, rinse your face with splashes of cold water to relax your face, including your eyes. However, you should be careful when applying aloe vera gel around your eyes, not to let the gel get inside the eyes. This doesn’t have to be hard and it doesn’t have to mean buying a lot of expensive products. Oil based concealers will get into the lines in the circles and draw attention to them rather than hiding them. This allows maximum coverage and also ensure you’re not being too rough on this tender area.
Keep reading this article on VKool site, in the line of BeautyA to discover these useful tips and treatments for your puffer eyes and dark circles. You can repeat this process a few times a day until the puffiness around your eyes gets reduced.
Do it once or twice a day and notice a tremendous improvement in your eye bags as they will look lighter and have smaller size.
You can leave chilled cucumber slices around your eyes for about 10 minutes or longer until the cucumber slices are warm. If you feel uncomfortable with aloe vera extract, you can use other skin care products that contain aloe vera extract. Irrespective of the reasons behind them, baggy eyes can always be treated with some right steps at the right moment. Moreover, increasing the intake of water can help reduce amounts of salt you consume daily. Plus, you can use small bags filled with small ice cubes, then wrap them into a cloth, place it on your eye area and gently massage. When the strawberry slices are removed, you absolutely will notice improvements under your eyes. Here, we bring you some simple home remedies, which have proven to be effective in handling this problem of baggy eyes. Besides, chilled cucumber slices also help reduce wrinkles around eyes while lightening up your complexion. Do it several times a week to tighten the skin, reduce wrinkles, fine line and look less puffy around your eyes. Ita€™s better not to choose coffees, sugary drinks or soda, as if you drink it all day it may cause dehydration.

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