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Eat Your Way To Great Health & Longevity: Free eBook Reveals 101 Of The Best Superfoods To Incorporate Into Your Diet, Along With Their Amazing Health Benefits. Did you know that one of the main ways people judge the age of a person is by looking at their eyes and the area around them? This article will teach you the best makeup tools, tips, and tricks to hide the signs of age around your eyes, including wrinkles, puffy eyes, and dark circles. Dark circles are partially the result of your skin thinning and losing elasticity, which usually happens after age 40. You may prefer to get rid of dark circles by improving the health and condition of the skin, rather than just by hiding the dark circles under makeup. The curve in your eyelashes will hold even better if you use a blow-dryer to heat the eyelash curler for 15 seconds before curling your eyelashes. A great trick to make your eyes look less puffy and tired is to apply plain tea bags to your eyes. If the swelling is accompanied with redness on the eyes then you must soak cotton pads in water or ice and then place them on your eyes for a few minutes. You need to also make sure that you get rid of all traces of make up before you go to bed at night.

When your body is craving water it tends to retain the water in your body and this can cause swelling and uneasiness. Make sure that you stay away from carbonated drinks and have plenty of fresh juices and water.
Studies have demonstrated that the appearance of the eye area is one of the main influences on that judgment. These changes let the blood vessels under your skin show through, giving skin a darker color.
Let the tea bags soak in hot water for 1 minute, then place them in ice water for several seconds, and then place them over your eyes while you’re lying down.
This effect will last all day long if you line your eyes with a waterproof, gel-based eyeliner. Crying can trigger your eyes to get swollen so can lack of sleep, hormonal changes and allergies. You could also try using cucumber slices on your eye at night or in the morning when you notice any swelling. The chemicals in the cosmetics can react with your skin and cause an allergic reaction that may rupture in the form of swelling on the eyes.

If you suffer from constant puffiness of the eyes then you need to reduce your sodium intake.
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You can use a concealer to not only make dark circles appear lighter, but also to make your eyelids appear lifted and your whole face look brighter. When you wake up you will notice that your eyelids are lighter and look brighter as opposed to the dull look they had before. The reason this works is that the caffeine in the tea forces some liquid out of the tissues under your eyes, and shrinks the blood vessels that cause the dark coloration.
Make sure that you get adequate sleep and use a pillow with satin sheets so that you do not suffer with any swelling. Step #2: Apply a small dab of this concealer along your lower lash line, focusing on the inside corner of your eyes and the hollows of your nose, using a concealer brush with a small bristle head.

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