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Compresses with cold tea brewing on the closed eyelids, which must be removed after 3-5 minutes, then cover the area around the eye with nourishing cream.
Take a small amount of moist cheese, rich in serum, but not sweet or salty – put in cheesecloth and apply to eyelids for some time. Prepare the ice cubes from decoctions of oak bark and chamomile or of cucumber juice and apply it for a couple of seconds to the swollen eyelids.
Keep your skin taut and reduce puffiness around the eyes and on the face with these easy massage techniques! French cosmetics label Clarins' skincare international training manager Denise Barthe-Marti, who was recently in town to train the brand's advisers, shares the secrets to a fresher and slimmer-looking face.
Clarins pays plenty of attention to its skincare application ritual as the brand has its roots in a skin institute specialising in beautifying massages.
The Clarins Method was developed by brand founder Jacques Courtin-Clarins for his customers to extend the benefits of the institute's treatments on their own.
NATURAL TOUCH - The weight of one's hands, or around 100g of pressure, is used during product application. BOOSTING TOUCH - Up to 3kg of pressure is applied on the face for a comforting DIY massage. For skincare application, start by warming some of the product between both hands, then wrap the hands around the face to gently press the product onto the skin using the Natural Touch method.

Remember to go slow; pause for around two seconds for every move, as the lymphatic circulation moves slowly. Fatty deposits and water accumulate below the eyes as we age, and a lack of sleep nightly doesn't help either!You don't want people to always stare at your swollen eye bags. And hardly anyone thought about the seriousness of this issue, as the constant unpleasant effects around the eyes can hint at a variety of diseases. Place both hands on the cheeks, just by the sides of the nose and make sure your middle finger is positioned in the centre of the under-eye area. Apply the Boosting Touch on one side of the neck near the jawline, then lift hands off skin.
Warm one pump of eye cream between the tips of the index, middle and ring fingers of each hand. You will not be able to access the Premium section of The Straits Times website unless you are already a subscriber.
You need a permanent and highly efficient solution for lessening or getting rid of puffy eye bags and dark circles. Pros: this compress not only relieves the swelling, but also tones the skin, smoothing out facial wrinkles. Try to move the attention of others to those of your qualities that are not subject to time.

Face aerobics exercises and facial yoga toning is your best and most reliable bet in thwarting, reducing, and erasing them.To restore a radiant and smooth eye area, and lighten black rings and heavy eye bags, get into a regimen of facial training workouts to stimulate and tighten the eye ring muscles. This may be the color of your eyes or fine hair, and perhaps your openness and positive attitude to life. Getting more sleep also adds to the power of facial yoga regimens.Get your share of the ideal natural facelift method using face gymnastics treatments to restore your eye zone and face to it's youthful glory!
Click the button below to find out more about eye rejuvenation and face fitness techniques.
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