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Stop Rubbing Your Eyes No matter how bad your allergies or how drowsy you feel, resist the urge to rub your eyes.
Use eye drops, such as Visine's lubricated Tired Eye Relief Eye Drops, $8.99, to keep over-worked eyes from feeling fatigued. With that, it can be surprisingly simple to get rid of puffy eyes (for example, an antihistamine and cold compress can cure puffy eyes from allergies), or it can be nearly impossible -- like when it comes to getting rid of under-eye bags that you inherited. Here, we've rounded up some of the best ways to get rid of puffy eyes -- whether you're dealing with aging-related under-eye bags or post-tear jerker swelling.
Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure that removes extra fatty tissue and excessive skin from upper and lower eyelids and tightens skin and muscles to reduce puffiness and wrinkles. Another option is a carbon dioxide (CO2) laser treatment to resurface the skin, which strengthens and thickens skin so the fat pad is less prevalent.
There are even some who end up being unable to truly open up their eyes because their eyes are so swollen.Puffy eye is the condition wherein the eyes or the area surrounding the eyes becomes puffed up.
According to a recent research, about 22 per cent people suffer from puffy eyes because of stress.
They can express what we're really thinking, or simply reveal that we're short on the shut-eye. After all, many of the most effective puffy eye cures stem from common sense: Eat right, get lots of sleep, keep hydrated.
Likewise, for hereditary pigmentation, such as under-eye circles, ask your dermatologist about CO2 laser resurfacing, which has been shown to lighten skin.

Then there's the Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker Eye Cream, $70, which contains vitamin C and caffeine.
The American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology estimates that 50 million people in the US have seasonal allergies -- that's 30 percent of all adults.
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And today there are all kinds of high-tech eye creams containing active ingredients that actually help reduce puffy eye inflammation, and others that can even render them invisible.
Unfortunately topical creams won't do much to get rid of bags under your eyes, but you do have a few choices for a long-term fix. Healthy fatty tissue that ordinarily protects the eye inside the bony eye socket can begin to move into the lower eyelids, causing them to appear puffy says Day. Some acquire puffy eyes because of excessive crying while there are also some who get it due to physical stress, lack of sleep, allergies and even some medical conditions. Puffy eyes can be a sign of aging, or simply a side-effect from watching "The Notebook" again (sob). Usually, people will know what has caused the puffy eyes.Usually, when people have puffy eyes, other people assume that they have cried all night but like mentioned earlier, there may still be a variety of reasons why puffy eyes tend to occur. Ask your doctor about antihistamine eye drops, specially formulated to treat eye-itching due to allergies. If in case you are suffering from having puffy eyes, you have to remember that you can always get rid of it if you would make use of some natural home remedies.10 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes FastTea BagsYou may think that tea bags are already worthless after you have used them to make tea but it can also have some great properties that can be good for the skin and obviously, good for your puffy eyes.

Difficulty or inability to open or close the eyes due to swelling.PreventionSleep wellGive your eyes the muchneeded rest. As the skin underneath the eyes is very thin and fragile, the extra fluid becomes more prominent.Pamper your eyesApply cucumber slices or cool tea bags to your eyes on a regular basis.
Tea bags contain tannin that reduces the swelling and discolouration of eye bags, while cucumber soothes the puffiness around the eyes. Keep cool cucumber slices or tea bags in the refrigerator overnight and the next day put them on your eyes for about 15 minutes.Eat a balanced dietDeficiency of Vitamin K or B12 is known to be a major cause of puffy eyes. Include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet along with plenty of water to get all the vitamins and minerals. Vitamin E will make sure that the skin, especially the area around the eye can look fresh and radiant.
At the same time, Vitamin E can help supply the eye area with nutrients that it would need.
Cucumbers have astringent properties that can help the inflammation of the skin become reduced.
This time, the antioxidants present in Aloe Vera makes it perfect for the reduction of the puffiness and inflammation around the eye area.

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