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The skin rash due to  razor burn appears immediately after shaving – normally within three to five minutes after shaving.
To soothe the stinging sensation immediately after shaving, apply crushed aspirin on the razor burn.
You can also apply cold aloe vera gel on the razor burn to relieve the stinging sensation almost instantly. An old fashioned home remedy for razor burn, honey and vinegar reduces the skin inflammation due to improper shaving technique. A temporary but painful skin irritation, razor burn or pseudofolliculitis barbae, is typified by the appearance of a bright red or pink rash along with itchy, hard red bumps. Shaving too close to the skin’s surface, using a blunt blade or following improper shaving techniques are some the common reasons for razor burn. Petroleum jelly can be used to relive some of the pain and stinging sensation which accompanies a razor burn.Apply a thin coating of petroleum jelly on the razor burn.
Never apply pure tea tree oil on a razor burn as it will cause the burn to sting even more.Instead, dilute a couple of drops of tea tree oil in fifty milliliters of pure water and spray this solution on the razor burn. Apply some pure aloe vera gel on the razor burn to soothe the stinging sensation and the itchiness. Unlike the home remedies mentioned previously do not mix the honey and apple cider vinegar together to treat razor burn.Instead, smear some honey on the razor burn.
The tannic acid in tea reduces skin inflammation and soothes the burning sensation due to razor burn. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. There are numerous tried and tested remedies to soothe the skin irritation caused by razor burn. The antiseptic properties of tea tree oil will prevent the skin infection, due to a razor burn, from worsening. Remove the surplus honey with a wet towel. Now apply apple cider vinegar on the razor burn.
This particular home remedy softens the skin; opens ups skin pores and helps to soothe a nasty razor burn. You should leave the cocoa butter on the razor burn for a couple of minutes to get  maximum relief. Wipe the excess apple cider vinegar with a wet face towel or tissue after a couple of minutes.

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