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Imagine Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho stranded together on a desert island with a lone palm tree filled with coconuts. The Brazilian set the spring, starting a fight with an Arsenal defender, Koscielny, prompting his teammate, Gabriel, to jump into the conflict, taking the Costa bait. Notoriously, Costa is known to provoke his opponents with elbows and nudges, slaps and niggles, and language so bad his grandma would faint. West Ham United, based out in London’s East End, under the coaching maverick, the Croatian, Slaven Bilic.

Both would have bumps on their heads by dusk and share the same dream — how to get rid of one another, as soon as possible. Knocking Arsenal off the block was Diego Costa (pictured), Chelsea’s lone hunter, fully armed with a trap. Gabriel kicked him right in front of the ref, ever so slightly, right after both had just been booked for squaring up. Away from home this season, count Liverpool, Arsenal and now Manchester City as beaten by the Hammers.

Each season, a challenger to the Big Four – Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea and Arsenal – emerges. Costa, the villain, remained on the field; Gabriel the fool, departed the pitch and Arsenal were down to ten men.

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