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Number of factors ranging from common skin rashes to erythema nodosum or psoriasis can cause red itchy bumps on the skin.
It can be due to allergic reactions, hives, chicken pox, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and folliculitis. Allergic reactions can happen by the intake of medicine or exposure to polluted atmosphere or due to virus infection. Chicken pox is the disease caused by virus which spreads red small sized itchy bumps on the skin. People who are overly exposed to environmental poison like oak, ivy and sumac would get allergic rash with itchy bumps.
It would appear as tiny red spots initially on the face or scalp which further proceeds as dark red bumps or lesions on the body.
Simple allergic drugs like Allegra or Zyntec are available over the counter for getting relief from itching and inflammation.
The condition you describe could be eczema, but it also could be seborrheic dermatitis, rosacea or even acne.
Dr Altman can answer questions on all topics of dermatology, dermatologic surgery, cosmetic dermatology and dermatopathology.
It is difficult to tell what causes such skin inflammation and infection and why it affects only certain people. Hives can cause red bumps which spread rapidly on the skin and this condition is caused due to allergic particles.

This infection will appear as small red spots on the skin and it begins on the scalp and goes down till your legs.
Alopecia, boils, erythema nodosum, Kawasaki disease, abscess and phlebitis can also cause this problem.
On continuous scratching you are increasing inflammation and the area becomes irritated and causes repeated lesions on the skin.
For intense form of rashes he may inject steroid directly on the skin to control irritation.
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Paraneoplastic vasculitis: T-cell lymphocytic vasculitis in a patient with recurrent B-cell lymphoma (abstract). There are variety of treatment options available for itchy bumps and rashes but every one of them is good enough to address the symptoms and not the underlying disease. Fever, nausea, vomiting and constipation problems may accompany the disease if it is caused due to allergic reaction or poison.

It takes time for it to appear on the skin and similarly you should understand that it takes sufficient time for getting healed.
In case of infectious rashes antibiotics are given orally and in the form of topical creams. I first got it while I was pregnant, my daughter is almost 5 months and it still won't go away. New Jersey Scientific Meeting, American College of Physicians, Iselin, New Jersey, February 2-3, 2001. If lichen simplex chronicus has formed, it will not resolve unless all scratching or rubbing is discontinued. Before any treatment, the area should be scraped to look for a fungal infection, like ringworm or tinea versicolor. I went to the dermatologist and he said it may be eczema and prescribed a compound of hydrocortizone and something else, ketocon-something.

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