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Ringworm, or dermatophytosis, is a fungal infection that appears on the skin as a circular, raised red rash. A resource to help you determine the best course of action for any yeast infection condition, no matter which gender as this site caters for both yeast infections in women and yeast infections in men. If your struggling to cure a recurrent yeast infection and have tried many treatments, click here to read about the 5 step plan to getting rid of your yeast infection for once and for all. Yeast thrives in damp conditions especially in and around genitalia therefore, its recommended ensure that you keep your genital area as dry as possible and consider removing excess pubic hair as it can create a humid and sweaty environment for the yeast to thrive. There are a few common over the counter and prescription drugs for treating female and male yeast infections; notably Nizoral and Diflucan are popular along with other topical anti fungal creams, such as, Clotrimazole, Miconazole and Isocanazole. This website focuses on natural yeast infection treatments and taking a more holistic approach to get rid of systemic and recurring yeast infections. The 4th or last video focuses purely on yeast infection in men and whilst its around 10 minutes in length, guys should watch this if they are concerned about getting or getting rid of a male yeast infection. Hearing the word, not knowing what it is and without ringworm pictures, one might think that ringworm has something to do with worms.
The most distinguishing mark of this fungal infection is the ring-like appearance of the rashes with its center either the color of the skin or also red, depending on the severity of the infection. The condition can also be spread by animals because of its zoonotic origin so don’t be surprised if you get it from your dog or your cat, the most easily affected animal.
Tinea corporis – this type is generally characterized by a patch that is scaly, red and is very itchy.
Tinea capitis – children are the most common victims of this type, especially those who attend school where the disease easily transfers from one to the next. Tinea pedis – by its other name alone (athlete’s foot), it is apparent that the infection occurs in the feet, particularly between the toes where swelling and scaling would take place as shown on many ringworm pictures.
Tinea cruris – when the weather is hot and humid, it is when this type (jock itch) hit men and adolescent boys the most more so for those who wear tight clothing. Tinea manus – if there is a term for the infection occurring in the feet, the one on the hands is tinea manus or tinea manuum where the palm or the space between the fingers thickens – a condition called hyperkeratosis.
Tinea barbae – in some ringworm pictures, the bearded part of the face may not clearly show the signs of this type of infection.
Tinea faciei – the ring shape typical of ringworm is not among the characteristics of this type but the scaly redness remains. Although there may be different types of ringworm, if promptly treated, they can be easy to get rid of. With ringworm pictures as reference and its obvious characteristics, identifying ringworm is not that difficult.
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Ringworm of the Face – Tinea FacialeRingworm of the Face (Tinea Faciale) is caused not by a worm but a fungus.

While it would sound like it is caused by worms because of its name, worms have nothing to do with ringworm. Ringworm is contagious, affecting humans and your favorite household pets like dogs and cats and other animals.
Use disinfectant when washing your pet’s things like dishes, toys, bedding and grooming paraphernalia. Regularly clean your surroundings and this includes regular vacuuming of your floor to take out animal hairs where ringworm spores may be staying. Because you may also get it from other people, avoid sharing of personal items including clothing. When using public showers such as those in gyms, wear slippers to avoid contact with dermatophytes, the fungi that can cause an infection. Some people may not immediately seek ringworm treatment due to lack of understanding of what really causes the disease and how it can be avoided. Caused by fungus and not bacteria, antibiotics won’t work on ringworms, only antifungal medications. At the earliest signs of ringworm, you could use non-prescription medicines like anti-ringworm creams or ointments.
Ringworm treatment for your dogs or cats includes the same drugs used in humans but it may be required to trim the animal’s hair for effective application of topical measures. It is highly important to remove animal hair that may have spores clinging on them off the flooring and other surfaces of your house.
You may have heard of some kitchen items to work as ringworm treatment such as vinegar, ginger, garlic, lemon, salt, etc but these are without scientific proof. How Does Ringworm Look While It Is Healing?"How does ringworm look?" Ringworm infection is caused by a tropical fungus. Reapply the polish every few hours for two to three days until the rash dries up and flakes off. What it is has something to do with an infection caused by a group of diseases called tinea.
In case you suspect an infection starting on you on someone you know, see some ringworm pictures to help you determine what it really is.
This infection, called onychomycosis, causes thickening and brittleness in the nails making them appear white and dense. Also called barber’s itch, this condition causes crusts and swelling resulting to strands of beard breaking and falling off. There are different topical preparations and oral medications that are effective against the condition. Fungal infection is what causes this skin condition also known as dermatophytosis or tinea and only the right ringworm treatment can help in getting rid of it. Again, worms don’t cause it and it is named as such because it is characterized by red ring-like outline that form on the skin.

It may take weeks for the treatment prescribed by the doctor whether for humans or for pets to work and eliminate the infection.
Because getting re-infected is common, it is best to ensure proper and complete treatment is done to ensure that the cause is killed absolutely.
However, they are recognized to minimize uncomfortable itch caused by the fungal infection.
Even if members of your household or some of your pets don’t show any symptoms but you know that an exposure took place, the disease may already have been picked up and treatment may already be needed. The ring will often appear scaly, and it can be extremely itchy and difficult to get rid of. Swab the area with nail polish remover and warm soapy water to remove the polish before reapplying. Once the ringworm flakes off, apply anti-fungal cream twice a day for another two weeks to avoid a recurrence. It is not supposed to be mistaken for something that appears similar like Lyme disease or other insect bites.
Just like any kind of fungus or bacteria that thrive in warm, moist places, you can easily catch ringworm in public shower rooms such as those in gyms or dormitories. But it does not appear on the skin only but also on fingernails and toenails making them thick and brittle and yellow in color.
There should be positive results observed after a few days of topical preparation use.  Terbanafine, Miconazole, Undecylenic Acid and Tolnafate are some of the known over-the-counter ringworm skin applications.
Medicated bath two times a week for a minimum of 3 up to 8 weeks may also be necessary using lime sulfur solution. But if you want to be sure about getting the right treatment, it may be best to visit your doctor. While no remedy clears ringworm from your skin in minutes, many of the remedies available will clear the ringworm quickly and take only minutes to prepare and use. Change the bandage and reapply the cream at least every eight hours, or if the bandage becomes wet. The disease may not immediately become visible when one has it but when a person or an animal has been exposed to it, the risk is there because ringworm spores don’t easily die and can continue to be a threat for a long period. Even when the rash dries up and begins to flake off, continue to apply the anti-fungal cream for another two weeks to prevent recurrence.

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