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Both the noise and smell associated with flatus leaving the anus can be sources of Diets high in protein, especially sulphur-containing. Robbie devises all sorts of plans to achieve these objectives, sometimes coming close to succeeding, but in the end, like almost all villains in children's television, is always defeated by the show's protagonists. The amount of effort that Robbie puts into his plots is ironic, since in his efforts to make everyone lazy he is very physically active.
Although his villainy is limited due to the show being geared towards a young audience, he is shown to be the most sneaky, nasty and potentially "evil" of all LazyTown's residents - having his own underground lair equipped with a periscope and various gadgets. Robbie is a master of disguise, frequently employing varied guises to cause mischief and trouble, and he often shows the typically villainous trait of determination to succeed at his cause despite his repeated failings. It is rumored that Robbie's Character was inspired by Dr.Seuss' "The Grinch", they both live in secret lairs, they wear disguises to fool towns people, and they both hate noise.
Despite being the villain, the kids of LazyTown are sometimes nice to him, which probably speculates that Robbie has a softer or at least a good side.
One additional trait of how Robbie is the complete opposite of Sportacus is that while Sportacus lives in a blimp in the sky, Robbie lives in an underground bunker. If your water resource is derived directly from the natural water sources like well water, you might often encounter unwanted smell. If the well water smell only rises up from hot water faucets, then there might be a problem with your water heater system.
While chlorination of your water heater may work, it will only be effective within a short period of time. He is determined to make LazyTown quiet and lazy, as it was before the arrival of Sportacus and Stephanie.
This is a version of the common trope in fiction that the villains act while the heroes react.

In fact, this is the only food he has ever been seen consuming, but Robbie also has proven to enjoy pizza, cheeseburgers, french fries, salt water taffy, soda pop and ice cream. Instead of getting squeaky clean, are you always left with this very unpleasant odor after you have just taken a bath? Well water smell is most similar to rotten egg smell although it is caused by the sulfur element in the well water. If you want to get rid of the well water smell for good, then you should opt for chlorination of your whole water system, so that the water supply that comes to your home will be cleansed. In fact, Robbie is determined to run Sportacus out of LazyTown outright, as his championing of a healthy lifestyle and physical-exercise goes against Robbie's goals for the future. Are you having problems being hygienic because what you are using to clean yourself is actually not too clean? Well water smell is not just plain annoying, but frequent inhalation of the odor coming from it may even cause respiratory problems, because the odor is associated with the hydrogen sulfide gas. If you want to reduce the well water smell, you should replace the anodes with something made from less reactive material like aluminum.
Simply apply chlorine bleach on your water heater system so that it will kill the bacteria on the water and reduce the water sediments. That is why, if you are living with well water and you constantly get bothered by its odor, you should not just ignore it as it may cause more harm over time. When you replace the anode rods, the hydrogen sulfate and other bacteria in your water system will be countered. Shock chlorination is actually very affordable so it is one of the best methods you can administer to remove the well water smell. You nose knows something is just not right, and you need to figure out how to get rid of the smell before your whole house has fainted it.

So once you have replaced the water heater anodes, you will most likely be able to eliminate the rotten egg smell from the water. If you want this option, you might need to consult someone who can repair your water system, or, you can do some research online for a complete step-by-step DIY shock chlorination. Here are some common smelly problems that you might encounter in your home and how you can get rid of them!Something rotten in your fridge?We’ve all happened upon the rotten fruit or vegetable in the back drawer of our fridge at some point. This is caused by the high levels of sulfate in the water, bacteria, lack of oxygen in the water and a whole lot more. These factors are the ones that make the water smell like rotten egg which may then give you a hard time living with well water. Place a small baking sheet with coffee grounds or place a cotton ball soaked with vanilla in a bowl in your fridge and replace as needed until the smell is gone! Then throw an open box of baking soda every month to minimize any future stinky catastrophes!Musty towels in the bathroomDid you know smelly towels can be caused both by not washing them enough or by washing them too much?  No fear, as you can have fresh smelling towels again with this awesome hack! Move them to the dryer and enjoy your fluffy towels the next morning without any smell!Dishes smelling a bit off?If you don’t fill your dishwasher up before each wash, you might end up with it smelling quite foul! Add a cup of white vinegar to a glass bowl on the top rack with nothing else inside, then run it on its hottest setting. She's a lifelong Californian who enjoys the outdoors with her preschool daughter, husband of 7 years, and their Bernese Mountain Dog.

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