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Water Softeners eliminate the effects of hard water; IronBreaker III eliminates iron and removes the objectionable effects of hydrogen sulfide or H?S.
No iron stains on the sink, no objectionable odor while running water for cooking, cleaning or drinking. Until recently, the most common solution for problem iron and H?S water involved the use of harsh chemicals and complicated equipment, requiring regular care and service by the homeowner or water treatment professional. Add the ozone generator option and the IronBreaker III system is automatically sanitized during the regeneration process. Charger Water Treatment Products solutions are custom configured to meet your specific needs. Testing Water Quality for Hardness (calcium & magnesium), Iron, Hydrogen Sulfide (H?S) and Acidity (pH). Assessing the results of water tested by an independent laboratory for microbial, organic, inorganic or mineral contamination or substances. Performing a visual inspection of the homes plumbing and water consuming fixtures and appliances. Determine your average water demand based on the number of people in the home and water consuming fixtures and appliances. Your Water Treatment Professional will analyze the test results and make recommendations on the type and size of equipment that will best take care of your water quality problems and fit your lifestyle.
Unpleasant sulfur smells coming from your sink drain may be either sulfates or hydrogen sulfide gas in your water. Step 2Utilize a plug-in air freshener in a refreshing citrus or pine scent to mask odor until you can solve the problem.

Step 5Turn off the garbage disposal and use a stiff wire brush dipped in baking soda or dish detergent to scrub underneath the rubber flaps to remove any decaying food that has collected there. Step 6Use a commercial drain cleaner that contains sodium hypochlorite, such as Drain Pro, if the problem persists. In rare cases, hydrogen sulfide odor results from sewage pollution, which may contain disease-producing contaminants. Iron and H?S can damage your fixtures and plumbing, discolor your laundry or create unpleasant odors in drinking water and showers.
Dishes will clean more easily and, by adding a water softening unit, your dishes will be spot free without the film glasses get when etched by mineral-laden water.
A proven patented technology that uses natures own oxidation process to eliminate iron and H?S without chemicals, without air compressors, without aerators and without external ventures’.
Dishwashers, automatic washers and, of course, your water heater will benefit from having reduced iron and H?S, adding years to the life of major appliances and postponing expensive repair and replacement. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Vinegar has antiseptic, antibacterial and odor-neutralizing properties; baking soda's alkalinity helps it dissolve clogs.
Have the water heater's magnesium corrosion control rod checked; sometimes this rod can malfunction and convert naturally-occurring sulfates to hydrogen sulfide.
Add a water softener and increase the life of clothing, towels and linens by up to 33% and add even longer service life to your appliances. Because hot water heaters, washing machines and dishwashers using iron laden, hard water can wear out 30% faster, while consuming more energy than an appliance using iron free, H?S free, soft water.

Using natures own oxidation process, leaving you with fresh, clean, odor free water throughout your home. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). If you have grapefruit, lemon or orange peels available, put them down the drain and run the garbage disposal.
A plumber can also check for incorrectly installed plumbing, missing or leaking pipes, a non-existent S-bend, and the presence of spores and mold.
And when used with a water softener, your iron free, odor free water will be soap scum free, without mineral deposits to clean off sinks, showers, tubs and toilets.
Although hydrogen sulfide is flammable and poisonous, it is usually not a health risk at the concentrations found in household water. He will also check the pipes to rule out the possibility that the odor is due to leakage of sewer gas, which in rare cases could cause methane gas exposure and hydrogen sulfide poisoning. The World Health Organization Water Sanitation declares it unlikely that anyone could consume a harmful dose of hydrogen sulfide in drinking water. Sulfates and hydrogen sulfide are not always responsible for sink drain odor, however; the smell can also be caused by something as simple as decaying organic matter trapped in your drain.

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