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Just click the button below to get started, it takes less than 5 minutes to register and be online. We provide you with a full web hosting account and the latest versions of PHP, MySQL, and cPanel. Sign up for free from our main website, no strings attached, no billing information needed. If you've ever been to a high-end fish market before, you may have noticed that the place smells absolutely clean. The smell of aging and rotting fish is very unappealing, even for those who like fish a lot.
Fishmongers try their best to keep fish from smelling bad by packing them in wet salt, ice, or keeping them alive in aquariums or holding tanks (In case you want to build from scratch, learn how to build a fish tank). Fresh fish tastes very good, but you can run the risk of cross-contamination to or from other foods. A lot of things smell fishy, but none have the same powerful odor as stinking, rotting fish. You won't detect a hint of spoiled fish, days-old seafood, or anything that smells of rotten food. By the time you take the fish home, though, you only have a very short window of time before it starts to stink. Fresh fish, along with other meats, can harbor harmful bacteria like salmonella and other parasites. To keep the odor from making its way to your other cutting boards, you should store your fish-cutting board in a separate drawer or rack from your other cutting boards. Not only does soap get rid of the offensive odor, but it can also kill harmful bacteria and other microorganisms.

Ordinary detergent works fine, but it may not be able to kill the germs and bacteria that come with the slime, water, and fish odors. Keeping the hot water tap turned on may sound like a waste of water, but it's more expensive to take your family and dinner guests to the hospital. Lemons are not only great for cooking; they can also help remove the stinky fishy smell on your hands when you prepare fish. Plain baking soda can help take away not only the slimy residue when you prepare fish, but can also help remove odors.
Like lemons, vinegar is a great way to remove fishy smells from your hands when you handle or prepare fresh fish.
To get the freshest flavor and to prevent foul odors, you must use fresh fish as soon as you take it out from the water or buy it from the fish market. By the time you get the fresh fish home after a long drive from the fish market, the fish starts to rot and smell bad. All meats rot and decay eventually, but fish is very delicate and does not keep well unless preserved or fermented. Fish odors carry more than a putrid smell; they also carry potentially toxic microorganisms that can make their way into your body and make you sick.
As much as possible, use hot running water when you wash your hands and your cooking utensils to remove all the bacteria and the fishy smells. Cutting boards can still harbor nasty bacteria and odors no matter how well you clean them. A couple of halves of lemons soaked in water make for a great way to rinse your hands after preparing fish.
It also helps to keep an open box of baking soda inside your refrigerator or freezer compartment if you store fresh fish.

If you do need to store fresh fish and keep it tasting fresh, you need to wrap it in a few layers of cling wrap and store it in a freezer.
Garum was a very important part of Ancient Roman cuisine, and was eaten by commoners and elites alike. Bagoong is a very salty dish that is often used to give a deep, full-bodied flavor to many vegetable dishes.
In feudal Japan where salt was once used to pay taxes, brine was used and reused to save on taxes. With these simple hints and tricks to get that stinky smell of fish out of your home, you never have to put up with that rotten fish smell ever again. When fresh fish starts to smell really fishy, people won't make a beeline for the kitchen or the dinner table.
If you have a problem with this stench in your kitchen, here are some ways to get rid of it.
If you don't have antibacterial detergent, add a bit of alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to your detergent to give it antibacterial properties. You can also use lemon wedges and lemon juice as an ingredient to help enhance the flavor of the fish, and remove unappealing odors and flavors while cooking it.
If you enjoy reading this article, you'll surely enjoy reading how to get rid of refrigerator smells.

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