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With traffic getting more and more hectic, we end up spending a good deal of time in our car, and that's why the aftermarket business these days is centered around making the inside of the car more comfortable. The gasoline odor in your car can be quite obnoxious, especially when you're forced to spend long hours inside your car, like on a long trip.
You can even get headaches and dizziness if the fumes have a high concentration, but most people will simply get sick, so here are some of the most common ways to get rid of the gasoline smell in your car. Getting an air freshener and driving with the windows down seems to be the most obvious thing to do, but most of the times it's not enough to cover the smell and you have to neutralize it. After you do that, you can use plenty of shampoo and water to lessen the damage done by the gasoline. A good tip, one that truckers have been using for a while, is to add a ground coffee mix directly on the spot and leave it there for a week or so. Since not all car carpets are made from the same materials, only some of the methods above will probably work for you, so it's best to try each one before giving out and going to a profesional interior detailer. I think the Apple cider vinegar is removing the gas smell after 5 gallons spilled in the trunk of a Toyota Cilica when a dog ran across in front of the car.
I tried all the steps to remove the smell of gasoline in my daughter's car after her container spilt. A gallon spilled all in my trunk and I tried the baking soda but I didn't leave the Windows open all night and it spilled on my rubber floor we cleaned it a lot so I need to know what is the best efficient way to get it out?

Sanitizing no longer requires bleaches, phenols, and nasty products that leave that "Clinical or Medicine" smell behind. Warning: Fleas and dust mites are adversely affected by ozone used in our deodorization process. Nowadays, it is all about quick recipes, whether it is a food recipe or a recipe for a certain remedy. Sometimes, if the stain is small, that will be enough to kill the smell, but in bad cases, even after thoroughly washing the carpet, you still get that funky scent that some people actually enjoy.
The reason for that is that coffee contains a series of oils that absorb odors in general, not just gasoline.
This has the chemical composition to break down the oil and it should work like a charm in eliminating the odor as well. After you combine the two, the method requires you to spray a fine mist on the carpet and also on other adjacent parts of the car's interior and leave it overnight with the windows open. Make sure you read the instructions before you go headlong into spraying that all over the inside of your car. But What I Found to be Fool proof was A CAP FULL OF Murphys Oil Soap & A Bucket of HOT Water!! It's been over 72 hours since it happened and I have left a fan running overnight for three nights, used a box of baking soda, which I poured directly on the spill and left in the wheel well.

I blotted the carpet , shampooed the carpet 3 times, used baking soda , & aired it out in the sun for a full 12 hours to no avail. Look in the carpeting in your trunk or inside the passenger space and you're sure to find the cause.
There is no need for expensive coffee, even the cheapest brand will do and it won't even leave a stain on the carpet, so there is no danger. The smell should be gone, and you're free to drive around all day without feeling sick to your stomach after a few miles. The steady air flow in the interior will evaporate the fumes in the car, or, at least that's the general idea. Then I sprayed all the carpet and ceiling fabric with Zorbex and allowed the sprayed car to air dry in the sun for 6 hours.

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