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Laundry has always been one of the chores I hate the most until recently when I discovered a better way to do it!
My laundry room, like many homes,  is located on the main floor of our home near the kitchen and nowhere near the bedrooms.
When each load is dry  fold and hang them then immediately take them to the bedroom they belong in.
Leaving the front load washer door closed after use, especially for a week or more at a time, creates a wet and sometimes hot environment primed for mold growth. Whether you decide to do some or all of these is up to you, but if you clean your front load washer regularly, it will perform better, last longer, and remain mold-free. The easiest way to do this is to make a habit of it, so you won’t have to think about it after every wash. Excessive detergent clogs the holes or crevases of the gasket, causing congestion, encouraging moisture, and eventually producing mold.
Sweep a paper towel over the gasket, the inside of the washer door, and the hidden space under the rubber lip near the front.
Rather upgrade to one of the best front load washers with special mold-preventing features? If you work long hours or have a lot on your plate, front load washer care may not fit into your schedule.
Both of these washers have a 12 hour FanFresh option with Dynamic Venting Technology that circulates fresh air from outside the washer after the cycle is done. Give your regular laundry detergent a boost by adding some Woolite Pet Stain Carpet Cleaner when you are washing your tuna clothes. Another strategy for getting rid of the tuna stank is to soak the clothes overnight in lemon juice.
To get rid of tuna stink from a cutting board, your knives and other kitchen tools, roll up your sleeves and get some powdered dishwasher detergent and d small brush.
Washer Wedgie is a small, very affordable device that needs No water & No power, its method simply works by sheer ingenuity of air ventilation into the washer. Eliminate Front Load Washer Smell with Washer Wedgie Simply place this small device, U-shape down, over the inside bottom rim of the front load washer door opening.It prohibits the washer door from completely closing and leaves it ajar approx. The Washer Wedgie is extremely affordable, very user friendly, and Energy Free for every household.
The Washer Wedgie is made in the USA and has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with a full refund of purchase price, upon return of item within 30 days of purchase, if you are not happy with it. These LAUNDRY TIPS THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE make things much less dreadful when it’s time to get things done!

I have learned with two boys if I just put the basket in their room it will be ignored so I go to the extra step or sorting it into piles on their bed. If you follow the other tips mentioned in this article, you can get away with infrequent wipe-downs. This prevents mold and allows you to transfer your clothes from the washer to the dryer on your time, not the machine’s.
Our sales staff won't pressure you - instead, we draw upon decades of experience to answer your questions and empower you to choose the appliances that are right for your home.
If you decide to make yourself a sandwich or a salad, there is no keeping your mealtime choice a secret. We offer a variety of solutions you can use right away so you can carry on enjoying eating your tuna but not necessarily subjecting your nose to the evidence that you are doing so.
Soak your knives, cutting boards, and any other items that came into contact with the tuna in the solution. He has an over-productive olfactory system with absolutely zero tolerance for unpleasant aromas. I used to gather everyones laundry and separate them into lights and darks and would end up with 3 overwhelming mountains of dirty clothes to do.
I guess they think we spend all our time in the kitchen so we must want to do our laundry there too. But if your front loader already smells and needs some serious TLC, we suggest giving it extra attention until it has fully recuperated from its smelly state. You should definitely consider purchasing one of the best front load washers on the market, with mold preventing features that save time and provide convenience.
You may want to give the tuna clothes an extra rinse to ensure you got rid of all of the vinegar smell, too. This is an excellent strategy if you are expecting guests and don’t want them getting a whiff of your lunch menu when they arrive. Once you have finished preparing your tuna sandwich or salad, squeeze some lemon juice into a bowl of water and soak your hands for a few minutes. Wipe off your countertop with a cloth that has been dipped in the vinegar and water to keep the tuna smell at bay. You try using products on the market to get rid of that front load washer musty smell, but they only cover up the nasty odor, they DO NOT fix the problem. Normally, when you finish washing your laundry and unload it from the washer, you close the washer door (or it accidentally gets shut).
The Washer Wedgie method permits air to ventilate inside the washing machine and allows the inside to dry out properly.

Under normal and practical use for which it is intended, it will not rip, tear, shred or deteriorate.
After cleaning my washer thoroughly, I make it a point to use the washer wedgie and I can truly say I don't have that smell in my washer anymore. Whether it’s Sub-Zero, Wolf, Bertazzoni, BlueStar, Bosch, Electrolux, Frigidaire, or General Electric (GE), we just want you to love what you buy. The smell will just fill up the room and hover there like the second cousins at a family reunion. The brush should help you to get into any little nooks and crannies where tuna particles may be hiding. You can also soak your hands in the vinegar and water in the same manner as if you were using the lemon juice and water. With these type products you waste money by purchasing them every month, you waste time by having to run extra wash cycles every week using these products, as well as waste water & energy, two of our most precious resources!! I was ready to get rid of it, but a friend told me about this & gave me the website to check it out. This would lead to four laundry baskets in my living room and endless folding and piles everywhere. The mold can transfer to clothes, causing stains, a lingering smell, and resentment toward your washer. Repeat the process with your knives and andy other tools you used to prepare a meal or snack with the tuna. It made me want to burn it all and just go naked but since that is not really socially acceptable laundry it is.
Even the people who fish for tuna or who work in a processing plant don’t want to smell tuna.
We have four family members so each day is assigned to one person, on the fifth day it’s sheets and towels. After a week, each person should have enough for 2 loads so you can separate them into lights and darks. Especially important, NO MORE waste of our valuable, precious resources of water and energy. However, today most clothing is colorfast enough that unless you are washing something new or red you can safely mix lights and darks together with no issue.

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