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Using robinul excessive sweating - prevent sweating, Excessive sweating is like winning the genetic lotto for obscure, unfortunate conditions.. Excessive perspiration obesity - bye bye sweating, Excessive perspiration and obesity — lose weight and cure hyperhidrosis! Body odor home remedies, Find body odor home remedies and treatments, and learn about the causes and symptoms for body odor or bromhidrosis.. Smelly feet cures: 3 easy steps to cure smelly feet and shoes, Smelly feet and shoes can be not only annoying but embarrassing as well. During the course of a month, the female sex hormones fluctuate to coordinate events like ovulation and menstruation.
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Having smelly armpits even after applying deodorants or perfumes can make you uncomfortable.
People would assume that you are careless on your own body, look smelly, and easy to sweat in those area. Currently, there are many deodorant products that contain some extract of floras, which can whiten the skin. Use a deodorant soap or a medicated herbal soap to keep the skin free from sweat and avoid getting fungal infections.2. To avoid smelly armpits, wear cotton material as it absorbs sweat and doesn't create moisture.5. To avoid getting armpits odour, apply baking soda powder on the armpits few minutes before going out.

You can also mix vinegar with wintergreen alcohol to avoid getting smell of vinegar from clothes.10. Baby powders are more effective to reduce underarms odour temporarily.Use these tips to get rid of underarms odour naturally and keep the skin clean.

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