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I have two teenagers–when you add sports into the mix, it basically is a recipe for locker room potpourri.
For a fancier solution, grab an old sock {if you are like me, you have at least 10 in your laundry room with no match right now} and clip some lavender from your garden {or use essential oil drops, if you don’t grow lavender} to stick in the sock. To nip the whole stinky shoe thing at the source, give feet a warm water and vinegar bath a couple of times a week. We have major stinky foot problems around here and in addition to the vinegar foot bath, our doctor recommended using deodorant on stinky feet. We found on the internet (but I cannot locate the link) that coffee grounds, unused, in a sock placed in shoes removes oder. Get Rid of Smelly Feet and Restore Their Health in Only Few Minutes - Explore Healthy Food!
Wiping your feet with a washcloth soaked in vodka will kill bacteria and so will reduce foul odor.
It is said that this liquid helps with losing weight, digestive problems, sinusitis and allergies. This vinegar eliminates bacteria and dries excess sweat, which are the main causes of foot odor.
Add a half cup of apple cider vinegar into a quart of warm water and soak your feet for 20 minutes.
Add half a cup of Epsom salt in about 10 cups of warm water and soak your feet for 30 minutes.
This amazing essential oil has antiseptic, antibiotic and antifungal activity as well as anti-inflammatory effects.
Sage leaves include antifungal and antibacterial properties, and also a pleasant smell in order to mask foot odors. This post will describe the 5 household cures for stinking feet with easy-to-find household products and how to use each of them. Sure vodka is one of the world’s favorite liquors, but we’re going one further with these bad-ass hacks; from knocking out odors to baking better desserts. DIY Reusable Ice Pack: Put equal parts vodka and water in a sealable plastic back, then throw the whole thing in the freezer.
Citrus Burst: We use lemons for all sorts of things here at Greatist, including flavoring booze. Cran-Apple: Cranberries and apples make for a potent flavor combo that goes great with soda to make a healthier cocktail.

A Some shoes can be thrown into the washing machine, and particularly this time of year, left out in the heat of the day to dry.
A Before dressing each day, sprinkle a little foot powder on your tootsies to absorb moisture and manage bacteria on the skin {the culprit of stinky feet}. We are all active – my husband, daughter, and son are runners, and I do a lot of kick boxing. Potassium permanganate is a potent chemical which is famous for effectively killing fungi and bacteria. Epsom salt neutralizes foot odor, and also it makes skin softer, reduces inflammation and even soothes aching feet. It is proved that tea tree oil helps you eliminate bacteria, fungi, spores, and other unwanted critters. Make your own mouthwash by adding a few tablespoons of cinnamon, a few drops of tea oil, or some spearmint to vodka in a sealed container and let soak for two weeks.
Take whatever ingredients you like and chop them up, making sure to expose the tastiest parts (removing pits and pith from fruit, for example). Slice up your favorite combo of citrus fruits (the more surface area the better) and soak in a sealed container of vodka for a few days, depending on how strong you want the flavor.
Infuse apple slices and a few tablespoons of cinnamon (just careful not to overdo it!) in vodka for a sweet treat of a drink.
A If the whole shoe isn’t washable, try pulling out the insert and giving it a good, long soak in vinegar and hot water. A Now stick the sock inside the offensive shoe and let it get to work deodorizing that bad boy. A If you don’t want to use or buy foot powder, you could go for baby powder or baking soda. A Apparently, some people are more prone to foot odor simply because their feet sweat more than others. Our teen boy plays football, basketball, track – so that means year round stinky feet. We each rub some Lavilin on our feet once a week and that is sufficient to keep the stink away! All these remedies use home and kitchen products like baking soda, baby powder or bleach; which are usually there in everyone's home. Scrub your feet from toes to heel, clean the toes and toenails as well and exfoliate the whole foot skin using a brush.

Just discuss the word ‘fashion’ with him, and he will come up with the latest happenings and trends in the fraternity of fashion. The vodka will keep the contents from freezing entirely, giving the pack a slushy, malleable texture perfect for applying in a pinch..
Infusing might not provide all the health benefits of eating, say, a handful of blueberries, but at least you can talk up the pros while imbibing. A Either way, once the shoe has dried, sprinkle baking soda in the shoe to absorb any future moisture.
A With socks and shoes covering your feet, there is no place for sweat to escape, creating, well, stink. In his free time, this frisky guy loves to read books on screenwriting and fashion, and of course, listening music. A If you can talk the kids into remembering this step, put the baking soda in the shoes every time you take them off. A So, trying to go shoe-less as much as possible can also help air out your foot’s grievances. Kids, rub soap all over and in between the toes with your hands or washcloth, and use a cuticle brush on the cuticles and nails. Fun loving guy confesses that he believes strongly in Karma, and adds, that what goes around comes around.
Soak them in a mixture of vodka and warm water for a few minutes to kill off the bacteria and fungus that cause odor. Seal the mixture and let sit for about a week, depending on ingredients (the longer you wait, the stronger the affect). Also, finally take care of those constantly smelly gym shoes once and for all by liberally spraying them with vodka and then drying in the open air (this author’s personal favorite remedy for shoe smells). Pour the contents through a coffee filter to remove any solids, and enjoy (responsibly, of course!).

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