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If you need to get rid of a cough, first work out if it’s a dry or chesty cough, this will help you treat it correctly. A dab of peppermint essential oil on your hanky works well in relieving congestion, for some people. If natural remedies aren’t helping relieve your cough and it’s related to a cold or flu, CODRAL® has a range of products for effective cough relief.
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It’s the cough that brings with it a heavy feeling in your chest, caused by the mucus build-up, and usually comes hand in hand with a cold or flu .
Phlegm is another name for mucus that is produced by the membranes in your respiratory tract. It doesn’t cause mucus but does cause you to cough as a reaction to the persistent tickle in your throat.
When you have an infection your body will produce more phlegm than normal, causing a build-up in your chest.

It may sound terrible when you cough, but it’s actually your body doing its best to fight infection.

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