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In summer season, the thing which is somehow unbearable to every individual is the tanning. If you really want to get rid of tan on your skin then paste prepared by mixing turmeric, gram flour and yogurt in equal quantity can give you fast relief from it. Rubbing papaya and pineapple on tanned skin removes  the blemishes, tans and dark spots on skin comfortably. Applying dairy based products like milk, milk cream, yogurt, homemade butter and buttermilk to the skin having tan, blemishes and dark spots from it easily.
While moving out in summer season, you must carry hat and shades so as to safeguard your eyes and face comfortably. VLCC a well known cosmetics brand around the globe has a wide range of beauty products in its collection.
Blackheads is one such skin-condition that every individual battles with at some point or the other in their lives. Dab the cotton wool with perfume on over the spot, then hold it over the spot for a few minutes. If your spot is kind of big, or you want it to dry up faster, you CAN spray the spot directly with perfume, but DON'T do this if the spot is near your eyes or mouth.

A better way to do this, is to put the nozzle on the spot, and spray so that the perfume comes out, but doesn't spray out.
The fragrance in perfume isn't really good for your skin, and it can cause it to break out even worse. In fact, tanning in summer is quite inevitable which starts with the feeling of sting of sun rays on skin followed by giving burning sensation to the skin.  Such horrible reaction of sun rays on skin results in making fun time of an individual into a nightmare. Turmeric used in this pack removes dark spots and blemishes while yogurt performs the task of removing tan from the skin. In fact, massaging of skin with potato slices is great for bleaching the skin and also removes dark spots, dark circles, blemishes, acne and scars within a few days. Both papaya and pineapple are highly rich in alpha hydroxyl acids which is responsible for removing such signs on skin tone. However, for a person having acne prone skin, this remedy is not recommended as dairy products can aggravate acne which in turn causes irritating sensation to the skin of its victim.
I bought a spot clear gel the other day and it contained alchohol, i think its what dries it up, thanks for this, will try it when i run out of my spot clear.
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If you too found your skin, a victim of tanning then don’t worry anymore about it as now you can easily get fast recovery from tanning effects and conditions like sun damage on skin by preferring following methods for the same. Rubbing slices of potato to tanned skin gives better result on its removal without causing any side effect to the skin of its user. However, it is always advised to not keep both of them on skin for 5-10 minutes or longer period as alpha hydroxyl acids of both pineapple and papaya may cause irritation to the tanned skin.
Applying gel and face pack made from extract of Aloe Vera leaves gives better result on removal of tan from skin.  In fact, aloe vera face pack has an ability to remove the dead cells thereby giving protection to the skin against daily skin damage. This ancient method of tanning removal can remove tans within 2 days or a week depending on the intensity of tan and is suitable to all types of skin tone.

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