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Unfortunate accidents from car accident to a knife cut while chopping food items can happen in daily life.
Blood, bodily fluid, contains proteins, which make the blood removing process more complex. Therefore, never make the mistake to wash the bloodstains with hot water otherwise forget about getting rid of the nasty bloodstains on your clothes. Now, if the bloodstain has dried, grab a washing tub, fill it with cold water, and dip the stained cloth in it.
Now, pour few drops of laundry detergent, hydrogen peroxide, or enzyme stain remover straight onto the bloodstain and let it sit for one or two minutes.
Gently scrub the bloodstain with the help of your finger, a washing brush, or an old toothbrush. Repeat the soaking and scrubbing of the stain for few minutes until you get rid of them completely. Rinse your clothes with cold water until the stain remover is completely out and the fabric is not soapy anymore. 1.) If stains are rather mild – just slight discoloration of the fabric – undiluted white vinegar will probably solve the problem. Launder in the washer on a ‘normal’ cycle using warm water, not the delicate cycle if the fabric can tolerate the agitation.  The garment needs the extra agitation to help get rid of the stain and the deodorant build-up. Before placing the shirt in the dryer, ensure that the stain is removed to your satisfaction.  Once it is dried, it is practically impossible to remove a stain like this.

2.) If the garment is white, you can drench the area with white vinegar, scrub lightly with a toothbrush and then let it dry in the sun. 3.) Now if the shirt is stained and also has that crunchy type of appearance to it, you’ll probably need to use full-strength laundry detergent. And then launder on the normal cycle using warm-hot water if the garment can tolerate it.  Again, make sure the stain is removed to your satisfaction before placing the garment in the dryer. Saturate the area in the same method as you would the vinegar or full-strength laundry detergent. As with any laundry fix, you’ll want to test for color-fastness before trying any of these methods on your clothes. When dousing the area with vinegar or detergent, apply it on the inside of the shirt first. I have hyper-hydrosis, so when I wear (one of two specific) white cotton shirts, they automatically have stains on them (just those two; go figure). However, the bloodstains that you get on your favorite clothes after the accidents are difficult to remove. When these proteins in the blood are exposed to any source of heat, they clot and sink the blood quickly into the fabric. However, do not worry; read this article carefully and get rid of bloodstains on your clothes. I tried to switch to a more natural deodorant a few weeks ago and it just didn’t work for me.

PitStop underarm stain remover does what all detergents and stain removers claim to but can’t deliver. They generally get thrown in with my husband’s white underwear and athletic socks and bleach, baby, bleach ?? This weekend I omitted the bleach since my last load had been done with vinegar and the stains were still in the fabric. I’ve never had much luck with the vinegar but then again I’m washing tons of laundry for sweaty boys so I need the heavy duty artillary! I’ve had quite a few shirts ruined by deodorant stains, even though I almost always wear a camisole, too. One of the shirts is a nice IZOD polo, so I may try the vinegar on that one — it works wonders on my towels and sheets in place of fabric softener, so I’ll give it a try for stain removal!
Honestly I wouldn’t mix bleach and vinegar at all due to fumes, chemical reaction, etc. I’d be interested to know if it helps with your clothes – let us know after a few weeks!
Does that mean I don’t have to worry about food grade vinegar coming into contact with my bleach?

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