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The recommended amount of detergent on the bottle, is almost always, way more than you need.
Too much detergent + fabric softener = the rinse cycle of your washing machine is not long enough to get all the soap out. Over time, with many washes, soap residue and fabric softener residue can accumulate within the fibers of the towels, and this won’t allow your towel to absorb as much water, and start to smell. Wash the towels with hot water, NO detergent and a cup or 2 of white vinegar; this will get the soap out!

CAUSE: The towels aren’t drying quickly enough like if they are hung on the hook for a long time while they are wet. Asalaam O Alikum dear sister, I want to appreciate your efforts for maintaining such a dynamic website. I am glad you liked it and thanks for appreciating… Ameen to your Dua – barak Allahu Feeki!
Whether it is your musty bedroom, stuffy car or four-legged friend, unpleasant odors have a way of infiltrating our daily lives.

After cleaning it and 3 febreeze bottles later it no longer smells like burnt coffee beans.

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