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How many times have you shied away from removing your smelly shoes near others? We all think that it is the sweat that is causing the smell, but the fact is different.
Here are some great soaks that will not only help you get rid of stinky feet, they will also make you feel good all day long. And the best part is that there’s some pampering added to this problem resolution. Keep the solution for soaking your feet half an hour at least 1 time per day (If you exercise, it is recommended to soak your feet twice daily).
Make sure to use one of these natural remedies for getting rid of stinking feet and share your experience with us!

It is the bacteria present in the moist skin that is the cause of the smell. So the key to avoid smelly feet is to control the bacteria! Another great benefit is getting relief for your aching feet and replenishing the magnesium in your body. This may look out of the ordinary, but thousands have used this method and today it is a tried and tested natural technique.
The citrus ingredient, lemon is a great astringent and it gives the fresh smell to your feet.

Thanks to the astringent properties of these herbs, they will also reduce the amount of sweat released from your feet. The best thing about vinegar is that it will create a strong acidic environment that destroys bacteria.

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