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I have two teenagers–when you add sports into the mix, it basically is a recipe for locker room potpourri. For a fancier solution, grab an old sock {if you are like me, you have at least 10 in your laundry room with no match right now} and clip some lavender from your garden {or use essential oil drops, if you don’t grow lavender} to stick in the sock. To nip the whole stinky shoe thing at the source, give feet a warm water and vinegar bath a couple of times a week.
We have major stinky foot problems around here and in addition to the vinegar foot bath, our doctor recommended using deodorant on stinky feet. We found on the internet (but I cannot locate the link) that coffee grounds, unused, in a sock placed in shoes removes oder.
According to American Podiatric Medical Association, excessive sweating of the feet seems to be an inherited problem. If you’re experiencing hyperhidrosis, what will you do to reduce the effects of your sweaty feet that make your shoes a haven for unpleasant odor? If you’re trying out different antiperspirants or whatever other treatments, you can also incorporate these home solutions to reduce sweating from WebMD. Shower or bathe every day using an antibacterial soap to control the bacteria that can inhabit your sweaty skin and cause odors.

Don’t consume spicy foods and alcohol while at work or on business engagement for they both make you sweat, so do with hot drinks like tea and coffee. Well, if you’re tired of horrific foot powder or spray odor eliminators that are not working to make the odor better and lift up your confidence, this extraordinary spray from TheButterflyMom might help.
This may be simple but according to Brittany, the author of the blog, it really works for her. We are all active – my husband, daughter, and son are runners, and I do a lot of kick boxing. It is associated with a significant quality of life burden from a psychological, emotional, and social perspective.
No one knows exactly why it occurs, but people who sweat excessively seem to have a different “set point” than other people.
You can spray this on your feet every morning and evening and use it to spray the inside of your shoes after using.
Just insert this into a shoe, plug it in, turn it on and 45 minutes later the UVC light turns itself off. Our teen boy plays football, basketball, track – so that means year round stinky feet.

We each rub some Lavilin on our feet once a week and that is sufficient to keep the stink away!
Bring along an extra shirt when you know you’ll be exercising or outdoors in the heat. Scholl’s Odor-X Odor Fighting Insoles which has deodorizing action that continues even you take shoes off.
Your feet can sweat too, so wear socks that wick moisture away from them (merino wool and polypro are good choices). Kids, rub soap all over and in between the toes with your hands or washcloth, and use a cuticle brush on the cuticles and nails.

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