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Croup also known as Laryngotracheabronchitis is a contagious viral disease mainly occurring in kids between the ages of three to six. This condition aggravates during the night because at night the air is cooler and when the child cries then too this problem increases.
Croup is contagious too, means it spreads from one croup patient to another one in direct or indirect contact with a child suffering from croup or by touching the infected mucous also it spreads.
Croup symptoms suddenly lay their feet in the windpipe so the child might sleep fit and fine at night and when wakes up in the morning he might be infected with croup.
The cough produced during croup sounds like a ‘barking seal’ whereas during common cold the cough is wet or dry or deep cough.
So each time the kid gets treated for one specific virus and might develop croup by getting infected from the one.
It is a really difficult problem to deal with and medication which are formulated especially for strep throat may even aggrevate the issue. Although yogurt is an acidic food, it does not aggravate the problem by increasing the inflammation unlike other acidic foods because it contains large amounts of water. A single malfunction in any organ or part is instantaneously identified by us without any fail. This process is the most common and effective way which our mothers have been using since years. You need to boil one pinch of pepper and one teaspoon of powdered cinnamon in one glass of water for some time. Sage Leaf, Vinegar and Honey-  Sage leaf is commonly known as Tez Patta in India and is readily found in our kitchens.
In constant gap of few minutes, use your teeth to crush the flakes a bit and suck the juice. As the seasons turn colder, many people start to worry about different illnesses, like strep throat.
Here at the Healthtipswatch blog we look for interesting articles covering health, fitness and diet tips from around the world. It is caused due to attack of virus in the upper airway (larynx) and windpipe (trachea) because kids at this stage have soft and susceptible windpipe which is in developing stage. The first symptom detected for croup is sore throat and running nose, which are the symptoms of common cold.

This disease is not found in adults and teenagers; children are more susceptible to croup because of soft and developing wind pipe. Inspiratory stridor is loud, harsh and high pitched sound the child produces while breathing which is totally different from wheezing.
There are no specific methods for saving your child from croup but inculcating good habits like washing hands regularly with good anti bacterial soap, not sharing food and drinks also helps your child from contracting croup.
Although it affects only one part of the body, it can become a really painful and annoying experience. So, you can try natural home remedies which are readily available in the kitchen of any household and do not lead to any health risks. It heals the throat by keeping it moisturized and by preventing it from turning excessively dry. This fabulous home remedy works by rendering the bacteria harmless and by eliminating excess accumulated water from the throat.
Cold yogurt helps to sooth the inflammed throat by keeping the throat moisturized.Apart from that, yogurt is a probiotic food which means that it contains good bacteria. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. If you boil fenugreek seeds in two glass of water and constantly boil it to reduce the liquid to its half proportion, it will become a very good gargling solution for curing the strep throat naturally. You just need to  take a glass full of hot boiled water into which you need to add half teaspoon of turmeric and one teaspoon of salt. You can also swallow the mixture of one lime and one teaspoon of honey, as it is,  for the same positive result. The allicin present in garlic helps in killing the bacteria responsible for your strep throat. Above are few effective and tested home remedies for strep throat.
During croup infection mucus gets deposited in the larynx which causes hoarseness and barking cough. But these symptoms change to hoarse voice, barking cough and noisy breathing with time leading to viral infection. Croup generally accompanies barking cough and stridor, along with mild fever in few cases which might increase to 104 degrees F. Salt added to the water helps to absorb the excess water which has accumulated in the throat and thereby it relieves pain and inflammation.Apart from that, it also prevents bacterial growth by creating an unfavorable environment for the existance of the bacteria.

Its anti-bacterial properties help deal with the symptoms of strep throat by banishing the bacteria.Ginger also has anti-inflammatory qualities which aid in reducing the pain and inflammation.
It is very essential that every part of our body works properly. Throat is a very important part of our body.
You can chew it and swallow its juice simply like that or you can prepare a very simple solution by grinding it and mixing it with honey. Crying worsens the situation and makes the voice more hoarse and breathing more noisy and heavier. However proper care should be taken after the treatment too because there are many viruses which cause different types of croups like parainfluenza virus, adenovirus, respiratory synclinal virus (RSV) and influenza virus (flu virus). If the croup aggravates and fever develops take him to the doctor, who will take an X-ray and administer some steroids and give some cough syrup to reduce stridor and improve the condition.
Since honey is a natural humectant, it helps to keep the throat moisture laden all day long.Apart from that, honey is also known to exhibit anti-bacterial properties that provide relief from this problem by banishing the bacteria responsible for strep throat. Apart from that, it also helps to provide immediate relief from inflammation and irritation. Ginger can be used to treat strep throat by consuming it in the form of ginger tea or simply in the raw form. Strep throat is a very common problem but affects us badly, making us uncomfortable and sick. It also aids in reducing the inflammation occuring as a result of strep throat by soothing the inflammed throat lining. Holy basil leaves help to cure strep throat by mobilizing the mucous, thereby preventing further growth of the bacteria.5-6 raw Holy basil leaves can be consumed with 1 teaspoon of honey, everyday before taking any meal to get relief from this problem.
If you gargle with the prepared solution 4 times a day, you will definitely get a fast result.
It is suggested to go for this process just before you go to bed so that you can keep your throat covered for longer duration.
Two teaspoons of honey can be consumed twice a day to get relief from strep throat problems.

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