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We all can recall having fallen a victim to heartburn after the festival season or after  attending a wedding.
Symptoms of Acidity Heartburn is the most common symptom; however, severe cases may feel chest pains. Causes of Acidity Spicy, rich and deep fried  foods; alcohol and  Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) are the common causes of acidity. Fresh Mint Fresh mint juice is helpful in getting rid from acidity, but make a point to take it in limited quantity. Cumin Seeds Drink Take a tsp of cumin seeds, put them in 4 glasses of water, Put the pan on heat, bring it to a boil, remove from heat and your anti-acidity drink is ready. Cucumber The alkaline nature of cucumber nullifies the acidity, you can sprinkle some pink salt (kala namak) to make cucumber digest quickly. Watermelon Buy a ripe watermelon, cut it and eat it frequently to alleviate the symptoms of acidity.
Crush it in the mixer alongwith mint (pudina) leaves and a bit of pink salt (kala namak) or eat its chunks. Avoid Smoking Smoking increases acidity and avoiding it completely can help a lot in reducing acidity. Diet And lifestyle Diet First and foremost step that needs to be taken to alleviate the symptoms of acidity is to examine your dietary habits. Eat Smaller Portions Whenever there is acidity you should regulate the amount of food that you eat. The acidity may advance to ulcers because too much acid leads to wounds, scarring and inflammation in the esophagus and intestines. This combination of mint, pink salt and crushed watermelon  is a wonderful starter for your meals. When you take a sip, you  can clearly make out that every small sip gives you a burning feeling as it travels down your stomach. Eat smaller portions, you can not afford to eat a plateful, even if you love to eat and in front of you lie your favorite dishes. It is a common practice to eat light food for a day or two when we suffer from heaviness and acidity to get the system  back to normal.
If this is not arrested in time it can go to the extent of hemorrhage. The other symptom is sore throat, that happens in extreme cases where the acid travels up from the stomach to the throat. Another way to use mint for acidity is to boil 2 glasses of  water with 5 to 10 twigs of mint. It will aggravate your acidity as it does not have a cooling effect, even if you drink it chilled.
The choice is yours, either eat smaller portions and feel comfortable without burning or gulp down your favorite dish and suffer. Just a bit of discipline is required from your side and the battle against acidity can be won. The vegetables that can help you fight acidity are: beans, cabbage, carrot, pumpkin, drumstick and spring onions. Is there a ray of hope for them? Yes, if they follow this article and stick to whatever suits them out of the options given in a disciplined way, there sure is a way out.
It is a sure shot remedy. Another fantastic and delicious way to reduce acidity is to take a cup of milk with a dollop of vanilla ice-cream floating on top.

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