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Striations on the skin surface (striae) that results from excessive stretching and rupture of elastic fibers in the dermal layer of skin can tear the dermis and produce scars known as stretch marks.
Intake of these Vitamins nourishes your skin & keeps it hydrated, thereby reducing stretch marks.
Intermix all the above mentioned ingredients, apply the mixture onto the stretch marks & massage with this at least thrice a day. Apply a paste of powered Ground Coffee beans and Collagen moisturizing lotion like Kollagen Intensiv™ onto the affected skin area, massaging thoroughly.
Cocoa Butter possesses the ability to penetrate the second layer of skin & heal up injured parts and reduces the skin stains.
Apply a mixture of cocoa butter and Vitamin E extracts on the stretch marks and massage gently. These include various stretch mark creams & oils manufactured specifically for reducing the ugly stretch marks. We have listed all the possible options which one can have while trying to get rid of stretch marks. This is a great post from Krishna at DIY Beauty Tutorials on 7 different ways you can eliminate dark circles or any type of scarring and even stretch marks. Disappointed, I too cannot open the page on “7 Ways to Get Rid of Dark Circles” either !!
Many women who have experienced pregnancy may have a few body issues that they want to address. Consumers will probably find that there is a variety of treatments that offer to get rid of stretch marks. The key to preventing stretch marks is to take measures to promote healthy skin that will be able to stretch more adequately as the body grows. Due to the fact that stretch marks can be very hard to get rid of once they appear, many dermatologists will recommend prevention as the best strategy. Home remedies are used for a lot of different ailments and they can also be effective for reducing stretch marks. Drink lots of water: Keeping your body hydrated is one of the most effective ways of removing stretch marks.
Exercises: In addition to helping you get rid of stretch marks, regular exercising can also prevent stretch marks from developing. Massage therapy: To remove stretch marks with massage therapy you will need to massage the area afflicted with stretch marks regularly.
Moisturizing: To eradicate stretch marks with skin moisturizer you will need to apply a moisturizer in the area affected. Essential oils: You can use a mixture of essential oils and nourishing oils to get rid of stretch marks.
During various periods in life you may develop stretch marks on certain parts of your body, which may prompt you to seek for the best stretch mark cream.
These will essentially be determined by the kinds of ingredients or compounds in the cream, the potential side effects of the creams and the reputation of the company that produces the cream.
While looking for the best stretch mark cream, it should be one with very few or minimal and not serious side effects. While determining the side effects you can look at the compounds used in the creams or look for those you are allergic to. Perhaps an overlooked issue but very important in selecting a good stretch mark cream is the cost. Reviews and testing has been done to determine the best stretch mark cream and there are several examples that have been rated top. Vitamin E cream: This cream comes in form of gel capsules which you can open and apply on the skin.
Aloe Vera: The aloe vera plant is rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that can penetrate into the skin to repair damaged cells. Dermatology stretch mark prevention and Captiva creams are considered to be one of the most effective ways for quickly getting rid of stretch marks. Watch this short video for a couple more helpful ways of successfully removing stretch marks.
Enroll in our every week natural remedies news letter and get home remedy plus natural health and well being ebooks similar to this one dispensed to your email each week free of charge!. Hey , I would just like to say that I tried the product Stretch Easy Formula featured above and it truly helped my skin, making the stretch marks much less prominent. Although stretch marks appear to be on the top layer of our skin, they are under it which complicates the process of their treatment.

Next Article Every Finger Is Connected With 2 Organs: Japanese Methods For Curing About A 5 Minutes! This keeps your skin hydrated, which in turn maintains the detoxification level of skin pores, thereby restoring skin elasticity as well as removing stretch marks. Apply a mixture containing 1 tablespoonful raw sugar and a few drops of lemon juice and almond oil over your stretch marks 4-5 times a day, preferable before taking a shower. One can massage the affected skin with Aloe Vera & leave it for a few minutes, then wash this part with lukewarm water. Regular massage reduces stretch marks by increasing blood circulation of that area thereby improving the skin texture. Skinception™ Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy is one such product which claims to visibly reduced stretch marks. Exercising regularly tones up the muscles, improves blood circulation, relieves stress and maintains elasticity of the skin thereby reducing the risk of stretch marks. A pulsed dye laser (aka vascular laser) therapy is often used for recent & fresh stretch marks. A fractional laser treatment (aka laser surfacing) can be used to get rid of older stretch marks. Do you ever get together with friends and family and they say “you look tired” just about every time they see you?
One of the more common body issues that can result from pregnancy is the appearance of stretch marks. While it is most commonly associated with pregnancy, other physical conditions can cause stretch marks to appear.
While the claims might be convincing, most of these products do not deliver on their promises. Many women will find that creams such as Revitol and Dermology are well formulated to help them prevent the appearance of stretch marks.
While there are creams to help diminish the appearance of stretch marks, if you don’t want them, it is best to try not to let them appear in the first place. Whether you have stretch marks left after having a baby or left behind after weight loss there are several options available for you to explore. However, not many people can afford cosmetic surgery and this makes people want to try natural home remedies instead. Exercising regularly makes your skin more elastic and since loose skin is more prone to stretch marks, you are less likely to have them if you exercise regularly. You can use your hands if the marks are somewhere you can reach or use a professional masseur. Nourishing oils which you can use in treatment of stretch marks include olive oil, almond oil and wheatgerm oil. Get a fresh lemon juice and cut it into small pieces and then squeeze the juice in the area with stretch marks. Getting rid of stretch marks with honey involves applying honey on the area with stretch marks using a piece of cloth. These include foods which are rich in vitamin A such as green vegetables, milk, beetroot and butter. However, it is important that you use the best stretch mark cream you can because not all skin creams are effective. The best stretch marks cream will have one hundred percent or so of natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Vitamins and others. Several of the companies offering stretch mark creams will first allow you to have a free trial period so as to prove the efficacy of the cream.
The price of the cream should be affordable to you, and should not be cheap in a manner that compromises the other qualities discussed. These include: Skinception, Revitol, Dermology, Trilastin-Sr, Revitagen-Fx, Bio Oil, Mederma, Strivectin SD.
The cream reduces stretch marks on the skin and it should be applied on a daily basis for effective results. When applied on the skin, cocoa butter penetrates deep into the skin to repair damaged cells.
Sam's work is also often published in other leading natural health and home remedies websites as well. Apply a paste of Alfalfa leaves (crushed to powder form) and Chamomile oil onto the stretch marks 2-3 times a day. Applying a mixture of olive oil, water and vinegar at bed time serves as a good moisturizer which exfoliates dead skin cells.

These marks are formed during pregnancy due the fact that the woman’s body grows significantly in a short period of time.
When the body undergoes rapid growth, the elastic fibers that are beneath the skin may stretch and break. Once a person has stretch marks, it is very unlikely that they will be able to completely get rid of them.
Products such as these combine moisturizers and nutrients like vitamin E to help promote healthy skin. Using creams that are specially formulated for these purposes will probably be one of the best and most affordable methods to help prevent and treat stretch marks. This article offers some great advice and many natural remedies which if applied will definitely help to remove unsightly stretch marks and leave your skin looking and feeling much better. Massage increases blood circulation in the skin to help make sure the area damaged get enough nutrients.
Apply cocoa butter on your skin and massage gently to make sure it is absorbed by the skin. Mix the oils with essential oils such as rose Mary oil and orange oil and apply gently on the area on the area with stretch marks. Since the lemon juice is acidic, it is going to bleach your skin and make the stretch marks less noticeable. Oranges, strawberries and lemons are a rich source of vitamin C while nuts can provide your body with vitamin E in order to remove stretch marks.
The creams are normally used topically and directly on the skin and therefore products with harmful compounds may compound skin problems and make it worse. The natural ingredients are known to have fewer side effects in addition to being helpful in general body well being. The cream should be effective in treating the scars and also in preventing the occurrence of new ones. Pregnant women are advised to apply the gel on their skin to prevent stretch marks from developing.
These two oils promote formation of new cells in the damaged area in order to remove stretch marks. Medical procedures such as laser surgery can leave a permanent scar and thus many people prefer to use natural remedies for stretch marks.
The content Sam writes about is always thoroughly researched and based on real medical professionals opinions and users testimonials. Most of the time, they appear on the abdomen, lower back, chest, upper arm, buttocks and thighs.
Consumers will also find that these products work well to help diminish the appearance of existing stretch marks, but the best results will come from prevention. Once the damaged area starts receiving nutrients it will recover, and within no time the stretch marks will become less noticeable. There are many creams in the market and therefore you need to know the attributes or qualities of the cream that will work best.
Because stretch marks occur in areas like breasts, thighs, underarms, and stomach a poor product may lead to complication and an effect on these areas. An affordable product will enable you use it for a long time and therefore give enough time for the results to appear. Since many women consider these marks to be unsightly, it can cause some to feel unsatisfied with their body image.
When they first appear, they may be red or even purple, but as the body heals the color will fade and the mark will appear to be slightly recessed.
While getting rid of stretch marks is unlikely, there are many methods that can help a person to make them less noticeable or to prevent them from appearing. The real effective cream will not only treat the surface of your skin but also deeper into the epidermis, where the real damage exists. These creams help to get rid of dead skin and in its place a new one is left which is stretch mark free.
Most of these products are creams that use moisturizers and nutrients that promote healthy skin and improve the skins regenerative properties. For these reasons, most women will try to take preventive measures against stretch marks when they are pregnant.

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