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Around 80% of women (and 40% of men) have stretch marks, caused by common occurances such as: gaining or losing weight, growth spurts, some medications (such as steroids), and pregnancy. There are many treatments on the market for stretch marks, but which of them actually work? They were trying to see which method worked better, but statistically they couldn’t tell.
You can make your own light microdermabrasion formula with simple baking soda combined with your cleanser.
Although I wonder what was in the doctor’s secret cream that needed to stay on the skin, under plastic wrap for 24 hours! I’ve been using a variety of at home peels and high % exfoliating products for a few years.
Gaining or losing weight in a short period of time has a great impact on the body and especially on the skin. Hydrate the skin from the inside, this is the most important factor, not just for helping to get rid of stretch marks but also to your general health.

Vitamin A, C and E are great in prevention and also in healing, they help the collagen to be produced and make your skin be more elastic. Apply it before you go into the shower, at least 30 minutes before, great nutrients and antioxidants will be absorbed by the skin and help it’s elasticity. One study showed that women treated an average of 4 times with a combination of microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and some kind of secret cream (put over the area for 6-24 hrs) saw improvement of 70% in their stretch marks (you can read the study abstract here).
Well, if you want to try some DIY stretch mark erasing before committing to expensive laser treatments, then maybe a combo of a few of these treatments might really show some results. I work at the hospital doing 12 hour shifts, and it really helped me to wash the day off after a long day.
I was new to home peeling, and this cream was recommended as a follow up for the fruit acid peel. Our goal is to use only environmentally-friendly products and business practices whenever possible.
The skin doesn’t have enough time to adjust to the changes and as it expands, stretch marks are created.

You will need the following: half cup cocoa butter, 1 tbsp apricot kernel oil, 1 tbsp wheat germ oil, 1 tbsp vitamin E and 2 tbsp beeswax (grated). You don’t have to necessarily get pregnant to get them, they can appear when you gain weight by no matter what reasons, and they can also appear on your hips and legs, not just abdomen, basically all over your body.
While they will always be there forever they aren’t hugely noticeable due to my extreme light skin. Currently I’m 32 weeks pregnant and at 29 weeks on my right hip (near my bum) I started to get pink zigzags, immediately I started with a high quality 100%SHEA BUTTER and they stopped in their tracks and began to fade.
If you really have something good, we will publish it with your own name in our online magazine.
Shea butter is a great skin care product covering everything from sun screen, sun burns, heat burns, swelling, itching, moisturising (skin and hair) and a replacement for polysporin .

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