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Fat loss is simple enougha€“consume less energy than you burn every daya€“but trying to lose stubborn fat frustrates many.Have you ever noticed that certain areas of your body get leaner quicker than others, and that some fat just refuses to go away? If youa€™re a guy, chances are youa€™ve struggled with your stomach area (and particularly the lower part of your abs and your obliques), and the lower back region.
If youa€™re a woman, chances are youa€™ve struggled with your belly, thighs, hips, and butt. If you’re a woman who is looking to lose body fat and tone up, you may be wondering what programs out there you can start using to take your results up a notch. That is the key question that you want to be asking yourself because the last thing you want to do is waste any more time on an approach that doesn’t deliver. So, what is it about intermittent fasting that’s making it so appealing to other people who choose to use this right now?
There’s no question that more and more people, including women, are hopping onto the protocol, so what it is that’s drawing them to it?
Let’s give you an inside glimpse at why intermittent fasting does tend to be great for women who want to change the way they look.
The first reason why intermittent fasting can be a great option for women is because it’s going to be very beneficial for helping to get rid of those stubborn fat stores that most women deal with.
The fact of the matter, is that as much as you may hate to hear it, women do tend to get the raw end of the stick when it comes to fat loss.
If it seems like getting rid of those final 10 pounds has been mission impossible, the fact is that it very likely almost is. The great news however is that intermittent fasting can assist with this type of fat loss because of the fact that the fasting period will help to increase the rate in which fatty acids are released from the cells of these regions. If you can aim to include some lower intensity (think walking) activity throughout your fasting period, you’ll then burn off these fatty acids, thus seeing the fat loss results that you’re after occurring. The next reason why many women will choose the intermittent fasting approach is because it’s going to give them more free time to get done what they need to do during the day. Make no mistake about it, most women have a to-do list that’s longer than a 5 year-old’s Christmas wish list.  And, it never seems to get done. If you have to be constantly stopping to prepare meals and eat throughout the day, this takes time – time that you just don’t have.
So with this approach, you can completely eliminate this issue.  All day long you can go-go-go and then later on when your family is home and you want to be relaxing and visiting with them anyway, you can eat your meals. This increased productivity is a highly appealing factor of the intermittent fasting method for most women.
Moving along, the next big benefit of intermittent fasting for women is the fact that it will allow them to eat larger meals overall. Women will typically have lower overall daily calorie requirements compared to men simply because they aren’t as large and thus will have lower basal metabolic rates.
If you’re a woman who’s diet calorie intake is around 1400 calories and you’re dividing this up into 6 meals throughout the day, those are going to be some pretty small meals. But, if you’re only eating two meals per day, now each of those meals can have 700 calories each and that’s a lot of food as long as you choose your food choices wisely. As a result, your diet will feel more satisfying and you may enjoy it and stick with it better.
For women with very low calorie diet requirements, this is a point that can’t be overlooked.
If you need help getting started with the approach, be sure to check out the Eat Stop Eat program.
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The reason you are getting so many different answers is because you fall in that questionable category.
A tummy tuck will remove the loose skin you have and may be an option for you but difficult to say without really rexamining you and seeing your abdomen as a whole and how high your belly button is from the pubis area.
Because I assume your goal is to get the best possible outcome, I would advise you to consider an option that includes skin tightening- the idea that you will experience significant skin tightening via ANY type of liposuction is marketing fraud in my opinion. Downside:recoevry time and scar, relatively higher complication rate If you are willing to compromise some upper abdomenal skin loosenes the a mini tummy tuck with liposuctioning would work. However, there is slight looseness of skin and some fat in the abdominal area, plus you have probably noticed that your waist is wider since you had your child.

We can tell only so much from a picture, but it does appear that you have very little excess fat and mild skin laxity. You’re receiving varied opinions because you do have some options, and the right one for you depends on what bothers you. You could also consider one of the newer liposuction techniques, such as SmartLipo or SlimLipo, which has been reported to help with skin tightening as well.
Too much belly fat (or what is called the “apple” shape) increases the risk of many health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and even certain types of cancers. The ironic thing is that even slim people can have hidden belly fat that is folded deep inside the belly around the stomach organs and is visible only by medical imaging.
Looking at various websites with lists of foods that fight belly fat can be quite confusing. Because females have a higher overall level of essential body fat on their body due to their requirement to give birth, they will never be as lean as a man would and as they do get leaner, their body is going to fight them harder and harder to continually keep losing weight. It is much harder for women to lose that last bit of body fat that seems to cling onto the more common ‘stubborn fat stores’, which include the area under the bum, the lower abs, and in some women, under the arms. As you can see, the approach definitely has a great appeal to many females who want to transform their body, finally seeing the lasting weight loss results they’ve been after. First of all, when our bodies are calcium deficient, we produce bad hormones that make us gain weight. However, there are several things you can do to compliment that regiment that will amplify your success greatly. Use of this website and the information contained herein does not create a doctor-patient relationship. In my opinion you do not have enought fat for liposuction and doing any kind of liposuction that claims you will have enought skin tightening is far from the truth. You’re pursuing this, and have asked this question, because you are interested in looking your best, right? Remember- the only thing worse than being unhappy with your appearance is spending a lot of money, having surgery, and STILL being unhappy with your appearance! You are very skinny and the upright photo does not reflect the degree of skin excess as effectively as the sitting photo. It is correct, if you do not like the wrinkles above the belly button when sitting, the only way to effectively address these is to do an abdominplasty to release the skin and re-drape it downward or upward.
It is easy and not overkill as a tummy tuck would be nor unsafe as those mesotherapy sessions are. If you are willing to accept the possibility of additional loose skin the liposuctioning with a laser would be best.
It may be possible to have a full fascial tightening with a small excision of skin from the lower abdomen, conservative liposuction, and slight umbilicoplasty to give you your best result.
With so little fat, liposuction is hard to justify although there may be some that isn’t well shown in the photo. As your photograph does not reveal three dimensionality as well as an examination, I can not comment as knowledgeably without determining the amount of subcutaneous fat that exists. Other fat can be found deeper inside our body around the organs, such as around our heart, lungs and liver.
This might be due to genetic issues, unhealthy lifestyle and lack of exercising and puts them at risk just like the other people with a more visible belly fat. Most of belly fat is related to unhealthy lifestyle –  being physically inactive and consuming too much calories.
I’ve written in the past about the dangers of sleep deprivation which one of them was weight gain.
After all, you obviously have strong legs, back muscles and abs already or you wouldn’t walk upright!
Always consult with your own doctor in connection with any questions or issues you may have regarding your own health or the health of others. As for a tummy tuck whether mini or full, I can not be sure if you are a candidate for those operations from only one photo. I bet it’s also safe to assume you are interested in keeping yourself safe and avoiding injuries or deformities you may regret the remainder of your life. I caution you to do liposuction as the flap of skin you have is very thin already and if the flap is made too thin you will have more visible irregularities.
If the primary problem is the tiny bulge in the middle but the skin looseness is tolerable a laser liposuction will be a good option.

The techniques of carboxytherapy and mesotherapy are best avoided until there is further research on them (John P. Without an exam it is difficult to state with certainty which is the better procedure for you.
That way you could avoid the hip to hip incision while still tightening the deep fascia and removing some excess skin. An abdominoplasty sounds extreme to me based on what I see but then I haven’t examined you personally. Thee may be external ultrasonic treatment that might give you improvement without surgery, but this device is in the final FDA testing process and there is no mention as to when it might be approved.
However, you look in this photo as if you have so little extra skin that I suspect a tummy tuck will be difficult to perform. Being physically active is a key in losing belly fat and should be combined with healthy nutrition.
For Heaven’s sake, PLEASE do not let anyone inject chemicals under your skin (mesotherapy, lipomelt, etc).
Also, considering the fact that you skin is loose , you may be disappointed in the lack of contracture of the skin. I feel that a tummy tuck will generally give you a better result if you have sufficient extra skin.
You could have liposuction alone but you would have to be very conservative since there is slight laxity of skin already present. I definitely agree that mesotherapy is very controversial and carboxytherapy is not well proven. If little areas of extra fat bother you, and I don’t see many of them, then liposuction is appropriate.
If you only eat foods that seem to target belly fat without exercising, you will see much slower results. Recent studies (both in humans and animals) have linked insufficient sleep and a tendency to gain weight. After all, there is no magic diet for belly fat, but when you lose weight on any diet, belly fat usually goes first.
It can be located just under the skin but…it can also be located deep into your belly area lurking around vital organs.
Forget about these injection therapies (mesotherapy, lipodissolve, carboxytherapy) or cool laser light therapies (Zerona), they are a waste of time, monies, and the first group HURT.
It is supposed to tighten more than traditional lipo and my experience would confirm this for the most part.
Find activity that you enjoy and do it on a regular basis, such as walking, running or biking.
Sleep duration affects the hunger and satiety, as well as the production of various hormones and has a direct effect on the metabolism of the body. It is not a miracle procedure, the skin’s ability to contract is the ultimate determinant of how effectively any lipo or laser liposuction will work.
It’s also good if you can find a support group to help you with moral support to maintain the results. In addition, it was found that people who don’t sleep enough are less active the next day and burn fewer calories. If your bouncer’s hands are full (sugary, carbonated and dye filled drinks) how can it do it’s job of escorting bad stuff out? It produces more tightening when done immediately after liposcution so if you do have some fat to remove that would be a very good option. Eating small meals several times a day or healthy portions and healthy food with a few healthy snacks throughout the day ensures your system doesn’t panic. Going to sleep 7.5 hours a night is what is highly recommended to keep these hormones in check. Some even claim that stress is part of the picture as we all know how emotional eating affects our diet. If you notice the darker color or odor during the day, that means you’re not drinking enough water.

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