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Well, white patches are often caused by a medical condition usually referred to as Vitiligo and can affect almost any location on the body including face, back, hands and some other body parts. Perhaps one of the most efficient solutions to get rid of persistent white sunspots on your skin is to make a mixture of homemade sandalwood paste, rice powder, turmeric powder, and smear it on the affected skin area.
Stress sometimes plays a key role in the spread and development of white spots on the skin. Age spots, also known as sunspots, lentigines and liver spots, are actually brownish or blackish spots that appear on different parts of the body.
First of all, try some useful and easy to make homemade remedies that are known for removing age spots on the face. When you try different homemade remedies but do not succeed, then try quality products of some of well-and reputed companies that are well known for their best quality beauty products. You can also apply milk to your sunspots as lactic acid present in it helps regenerate cells. The best thing about these home remedies is that these remedies do not have any side effects. You can also choose to undergo a chemical peel treatment in which the outer layer of your skin will be removed with the help of certain chemicals. Sunspots are caused by the constant overexposure to the sun's harmful UV (Ultraviolet) and UVB (Ultraviolet B) rays. Sunspots come about as brownish patches on the skin and are usually flat in nature, unlike moles which are raised. Sunspots usually bring with it an array of other skin problems like wrinkles, dry, flaky, patchy and rough skin. Avoiding the sun and its harmful rays is one of the simplest as well as the easiest ways to prevent the setting of sunspots.
Wearing a good quality sunscreen (SPF 40 or more) at least 30 minutes before you go outdoors. If you feel like your skin has burned or it feels raw, apply the similar methods used in fading age spots. It is important to use sunscreen because it will work on the levels of a symbiotic process with the other forms of treatment that you administer for these sunspots.
Skin creams which contain ingredients like Retinol, Kojic acid, Hydroquinone, Azelaic acid, and Tretinoin can be used on the skin.
Administering botox or collagen shots into the skin will stop the process of wrinkle formation and therefore will prevent sunspots from forming as well. The microdermabrasion procedure will exfoliate the outer layer of the skin with the use of fine crystals and allow the body to shed old skin, thus promoting the growth of new skin. The Best Facial Scrubs, and the Worst!Posted by Carleenp • 0 CommentsTotal Beauty always does a decent job with these best of and worst of lists. It feels like we’re playing roulette whenever we buy a new face scrub that promises to banish all our skin woes.

In fact, many people lose confidence and self esteem to move around easily among peers and friends with white patches on their skin.
The white patches form on a person’s skin when the cells that actually produce pigments referred to as melanocyte are ruined on certain parts of the skin. Therefore, practicing relaxation to ease stress is a massive step towards minimizing the white patches on the skin. For those who already have white patches on their skin, it is necessary to avoid direct sun rays.Thus, the best way to get rid of white sunspots on the face is to use full sleeve shirts and umbrellas.
A mixture of turmeric powder with a few teaspoons of mustard oil applied on white patcheson the body will do wonders in getting rid of them. To achieve this, simply clean the affected area with lukewarm water and soap and dry the area. With the above few tips, you have the basic guidelines on how to get rid of white patches on your skin.
L’Oreal’s “Loreal Dermo-Expertise Age Perfect Skin Illuminator and Age Spot Diffuser” is effective against age spots, and so is Pond’s Clarant B3 cream.
Conduct a detailed meeting with your dermatologist or skin specialist, discussing different skin treatments for age spots like microdsermabrasion, chemical peel, and laser resurfacing etc. When you expose your skin to the sun for a long period of time, sunspots begin to appear on your skin. You should put a small amount of fresh lemon juice on your face twice a day to reap its maximum benefits. You can also apply buttermilk to your sunspots as it is very effective in lightening sunspots. Besides these natural treatments, you can also use skin whiteners to lighten and treat your sunspots. These are also referred to as liver spots or age spots (though age spots appear predominantly because of aging) because they resemble them. In the process it also fades the spots (if very dark) or removes them completely (if light). The light is usually administered on the deeper layers of the skin and does not harm the facial tissue or skin. This will allow the sunspots to be eliminated with the former layer and a new, healthier layer to take its place, sans the sunspots. Other than using these techniques to remove sunspots on the face, one can also use several home remedies that use natural ingredients for the same purpose. Yet, not so many people understand why the patches are on their skin and perhaps how to eventually get rid of them.
Today though, a number of ways are available in getting rid of the white patches on one's skin. Subsequently, with regular application for a few months, you will see how these white patches disappear.

When melanocytes, the bottom layer of skin epidermis, increases its number due to the extra ultraviolet ray of the sun, it simply gives birth to age spots.
Now, apply lemon juice, sour milk, horseradish, honey, parsley-fruit juice, sugar-lemon paste, onion slices, buttermilk, turmeric-sesame seeds’ paste, currants-honey paste, or sour cream to your face. Garnier’s Skin Renew Anti-Sun-Damage daily lotion and the sun control daily moisturizer also works against age spots as their essential nutrients reduce their discoloration and appearance. After consulting your health care provider, you can use products that contain azelaic acid and kojic acid as these acids are also effective in lightening sunspots. You can also consult a dermatologist to decide upon the best possible treatments for your skin. The other thing which you can do is to protect your skin from the sun by wearing sunglasses, hats or hoods and protective clothing. I do not say you sit inside the house and never leave, but you can make sure that you take the necessary precautions when you do have to. Different peels may be used for these like the glycolic acid peel which is a low intensity peel that is not administered very deep into the skin and therefore the recovery time is not very high. With this roundup of readers’ best and worst exfoliants, the odds are definitely in our favor.
Since our faces are over-exposed to the sunlight, therefore age spots are very common on them.
Apply any of the above mentioned homemade remedies that suit your skin and are easily available at your home.
In addition to that, both of the creams contain SPF 28 formula, which protect your skin against pontetial sun damage. You should not forget to apply sunscreen lotion before going out in the sun as it will protect your skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. After undergoing this treatment, your sunspots will disappear and your skin will grow back again. Though they do not cause any pain, their main drawback is that they appear quite jarring to the eyes. Although theses discolorations of skin are not dangerous, but they look really nasty on the face. In some cases they might be an indication of skin cancer and therefore one needs to prevent their outbreak. These spots appear on those parts of the body that have a high chance of exposure to the sun's rays.
Now, if you feel that you are dealing with these with unsightly face spots, then do not worry at all.

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