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Some of us are embarrassed by our dark armpits and avoid wearing sleeveless clothes or bathing suits.
Rubbing your underarms with lemon juice is one of the most effective ways to lighten your underarms as lemon has natural bleaching properties. Previous articleWhat You Should Know About Abnormal Heart BeatNext article6 Techniques for Beating Chronic Stress Dr.
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Understanding why your feet stink when othera€™s feet dona€™t will help you to stop the behaviors causing it.
If you are stuck with a pair of sneakers that are smelly and arena€™t quite ready for a new pair, there are a few things you can do to temporarily get rid of the odor.A  Just make sure when you get your new pair of sneakers, you follow the advice below to make sure you prevent the bacterial growth before it occurs.
Baking Soda: Sprinkling baking soda in your insoles may to help absorb some of the odor present in your sneaker. Cat Litter: Fill a nylon with clean, absorbent cat litter and place in your sneaker every night.
Unless you have tried everything else unsuccessfully and have no choice but to throw the sneakers away, do not toss them in the washer.A  The trick to neutralizing current odors is to find something that will work to absorb them while they freshen shoes.
If you constantly fight with foot odor, purchase a pair of sneakers that has a removable insole that can be removed and washed on an as needed basis.A  If you cana€™t, purchase inserts before your sneakers start to smell, such as Dr.

It is the process by which the body releases fluids through sweat glands and is the body's response to heat, exercise and stress.
This easy and effective step exposes your clothes to the sunlight and fresh air, creating a crisp feel to the fabric and a naturally fresh smell to the garment.
Waxing works well in preventing excess sweating, since the sweat odor is typically caused by the growth of bacteria that feed off the sweat on the armpit hairs. Darkening skin patches under your arms happens in both men and women, however it’s more common in women with darker skin. Shaving – Stop using razors to shave your underarms as when you do it cuts the hair just below the surface of the skin which looks like stubble. Too much deodorant – Some theories suggest that strong deodorants make your armpits look darker.
Skin friction – Clothes that are tight and harsh on your skin may also cause darkening of your underarms. Bacteria – As many as 18 different types of bacteria live on different parts of our skin. Apply some coconut oil to your armpits before bathing and massage for 10-15 minutes, then wash off with mild soap and lukewarm water.
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If your feet sweat profusely, alternate shoes.A  Dona€™t wear the same pair of sneakers every day without giving them a chance to come up for air. But the combination of perspiration and bacteria often results in a less than pleasant odor and can damage your clothes, leaving a yellowish underarm stain. Always consult with your own doctor in connection with any questions or issues you may have regarding your own health or the health of others. Dark armpits are caused by hyperpigmentation in the underarm area and many times is caused by changes in hormonal levels and specially during pregnancy. When we sweat, the underarm environment changes and becomes more friendly for the growth of bacteria, which may eventually cause the bad smell and darkening of this area. Luckily, there are several options available that can minimize sweat odor on both body and clothes.
For waxing you can try BODY SUGARING, which is an ancient hair removal technique that works very good.

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