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Sweat itself is clear, but when sweat patches get on your clothes and dry, the salt, proteins and oils in your sweat may leave a residue. Sweat stain problems occur if the sweat patches are left to dry and not washed for a long time, or if there’s a build-up of antiperspirant or deodorant product mixed in.
Other products, like Sure®’s Invisible range, are specially designed to reduce white marks on your clothes and to prevent the buildup of yellow stains, so you still get great protection – for you and your favourite clothes. Make sure your antiperspirant deodorant is dry before dressing or use a ‘dry on application’ product like an aerosol. Don’t iron a sweat stain or sweat patch, as the heat will ‘set’ it, making it harder to shift. If the stains are really bad or the stain has ‘set’, soak the armpit area of your clothes in a mixture of two parts white vinegar and one part water before washing – this will break down the stain. Take care with delicate fabrics like silk and lace, as these may need professional cleaning to get rid of stains.

If stains are the result of sweat patches from excessive sweating, consider using a clinical strength antiperspirant, like Sure® Maximum Protection. This website is directed only to UK and Ireland consumers for products and services of Unilever United Kingdom.
Over time, the aluminium in the product and the salt in your sweat combine to form a yellow sweat stain, making it harder to remove with normal washing.
These stains are caused by deposits that are made worse by the heat in the washing and drying cycle. Once you get them, you either have to decide whether you want to throw away the item or not, even if its your favorite blouse. Deo-go’s active ingredients are made to target these deposits and get them out of your clothing, before washing.
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Unfortunately, sometimes you will notice white residue on your clothing after using these products, which happens easily the clothes come in contact with deodorant or antiperspirant.
Whether you need to dry-clean the fabric or if can throw it into your washing machine, it’s always better to take some extra precautions. Natural Ways to Combat Excessive Perspiration Dealing With Perspiration Stains A» MZine Articles UK How Effective is Perspiration at Cooling?
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