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Daily Beauty Hack is about looking your best with minimal effort, highlighting women's natural beauty. For 20 years, Bruce Lubin and his wife Jeanne have been collecting tips and hints to save time, money, and make everyday tasks easier. If you're sick of the sweat stains on the armpits of your white shirts, use this pretreatment to get rid of them forever. From party favor to plant protector, these cardboard tubes can take on many different roles.
Expert advice from Bob Vila, the most trusted name in home improvement, home remodeling, home repair, and DIY.
Antiqued furniture can be a beautiful addition to a room, but the price tag can be much less attractive.
Start by ripping a pad of #0000-grade steel wool into smaller pieces and stuffing them into a mason jar. While you wait for the mixture to oxidize, sand down your piece and take note of the type of wood. When the vinegar-steel wool solution is ready, pour it into a large bowl, using a strainer to remove the solids. It’s an age-old quandary: You reach for a jar of pickles or tomato sauce but, try and try as you might, you cannot get the metal lid to budge. Some jars are easy enough to open the first time but quite difficult to open again—jars of honey, for instance.
If you don’t mind using a little elbow grease, you can physically remove rust with abrasion.
For more serious rust problems, coat the surface of the tools with kerosene to function as a cutting lubricant. When you want to save yourself some energy, oxalic acid offers an effective chemical-based treatment for dissolving light to moderate rust problems.
First, clean the tools with dish detergent and water before you begin so grease and dirt won’t block the chemical process. Before you pull out any chemicals, don’t forget to strap on a pair of goggles and rubber gloves for protection.
Put away the pencil, the tape measure, and even the level—there’s an easier way to hang a photo picture-perfect every time. Now turn the frame over and locate the hanging hardware, be it a wire, metal ring, or sawtooth clip.
Once you’ve determined precisely where to locate the frame, remove it from the nail head—without shifting the nail tip. Create a charming home for the feathered friends in your backyard with one of these easy DIYs that you can make this weekend.
For many, the ideal backyard consists of comfortable seating, picturesque landscaping, and the sights and sounds of colorful, chirping songbirds. For this sleek, ultra-cheap DIY birdhouse, the starting point was a glass, globe-shaped lampshade.
With its clean, crisp lines, this non-traditional DIY birdhouse from Built for Kids would perfectly complement the architecture of a modern home. Here’s a DIY birdhouse cleverly adapted from an old-timey mantel clock that was found in a thrift store.
Available from Rebecca’s Bird Gardens, this DIY birdhouse kit purposely accommodates only small birds like wrens and chickadees. If you’ve got basic woodworking skills and these detailed step-by-step instructions from Instructables, you can assemble a log cabin-style DIY birdhouse like this one.
The all-too-common problem of too much stuff and too little space drove these crafty bloggers to create a clever built-in that works wonders in their craft room. A craft room that was overflowing with supplies led the creative minds behind The DIY Village on a search for a large-scale storage solution that was functional and attractive to boot.
Now decide how many adjustable shelves you want above and below the fixed shelf, and utilizing a shelf pin jig, drill the holes for your shelf pins.
With the basic structure of your bookcase assembled, it’s time to prep the area where you’ll be installing them. In order to give the bookcase frame a built-in look, you’ll need beef it up a bit by adding 1?2 facing strips, baseboard, and crown molding. At the top of the bookcase, bridge the gap from the top of the bookcase frame and the ceiling with a piece of 1?6 ripped to the appropriate width. Dust is a constant source of frustration in the home, especially when the classic, time-consuming methods fail to get spaces truly clean. Dusting used to mean lazily moving about the house with an old T-shirt and furniture polish in hand, loathing the amount of effort it took to bring a shine every surface. Just like these handy sheets prevent clothes from clinging together in the wash, they also keep dust from sticking to the surfaces of your home.
Believe it or not, a powerful combination that helps draw dust out of oft-overlooked fabric items is hiding right in your pantry: baking soda and a trash bag. Is your go-to disinfectant actually safe for use, or are you unknowingly harming your health with your cleaning routine? Rather than opening yourself up to the possibility of misuse—or even increased risk of potential infection—consider taking it easy on the bleach for a bit and rotating a couple other disinfectants into your cleaning routine.

If you’re inclined to finish off your bleach supply—even continue working with it, albeit less frequently—proceed with a little extra caution and moderation. Simple wood boards and budget-friendly belts combine to make this stunning custom shelf that combines style with storage. Their book "Who Knew?"by TeleBrands includes thousands of money-saving secrets for cooking, cleaning and other tasks around your home. Turn the shirt inside out and sprinkle the pits with baking soda, then press with an iron on medium heat for three seconds.
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Get this popular look for less with an inexpensive DIY stain made from two common household ingredients.
But while authentic antique pieces can make great investments, they aren’t always readily available—or within our price range. If it’s a light-colored wood like pine, you’ll want to pretreat it with a solution that’s high in tannins, such as tea.
Besides simply seeking help from someone more muscular, are there any other surefire ways to open a stuck jar? Indeed, virtually anything made of rubber can offer up the grip you need to overpower a tight seal.
That’s because their sticky contents lodge between the glass jar and metal lid, effectively gluing the container shut. Choose an effective scrubbing material when dealing with light to moderate surface rust problems. Always start with the coarsest abrasive to remove the built-up rust and pockmarks, then switch to a finer grit to smooth out the grooves caused by the coarse grit. If you still see rust, it’s time for a more heavy-duty course of action. This mild acid gets right into joints and crevices to penetrate the problem areas, making it especially good at removing rust in tight spaces and hard-to-clean spots. Just pick up the inexpensive chemical at your local home improvement store to get started. Use silica gel packs (available at your local home improvement store) to absorb excess moisture. Beyond saving your metal tools, it will keep you comfortable as you tackle your next to-do with your rust-free equipment. Believe it or not, you can simplify the process, dramatically so, with an inexpensive little tool you’ve never thought twice about before—a wooden paint stirrer. Move on to the next step once you’ve set the nail so that, while its head sticks out on one side, its tip sticks out on the other.
Hook the hanging hardware over the protruding nail head and pick up the frame by means of the stirrer, being careful not to let the frame slide off. Finally, press the paint stirrer against the wall until the nail tip pokes a little hole in the drywall.
Of course, you can’t control the comings and goings of robins, cardinals, and bluejays, but you can certainly make your property more appealing to them with a DIY birdhouse.
Though mostly made of 2×4 boards, the structure includes at least one striking little detail—the hinged door closes with a tiny swinging latch fashioned from a paint-stirring stick.
Having removed the mechanical workings of the clock, Sadie SeasonGoods padded the interior with wine corks, narrowed the entryway with pre-cut wood, and glued on a small spool to serve as a perch. Even more than the red-painted roof and mini front porch, what clinches its charm are the halved branches that clad the structure and form its unique look. Enter: the idea for these matching built-in bookcases that corral clutter and add a custom look to the space. You’re about ready to install the frame, so now would be a good time to prime as much of your bookcase as you can. You may need to cut out the existing baseboard in order to install the bookcase flush against the wall.
I find that taping off on both sides of the area you’re caulking will result in a much cleaner caulk line. Skip the rags and polish, and try these three tips to make dusting faster, easier, and—dare we say it—more fun. While certain rules are set in stone—working from the top to bottom, for instance—there are, believe it or not, smart and often overlooked ways to relieve the tedium and add a bit of fun to a chore that so many dread. Simply swipe them over blinds, baseboards, the tops of tall furniture, or any spot where dust tends to accumulate. While harsh chemicals like bleach boast the ability to prevent illness or infection, many people often use them improperly.
If used improperly or straight from the bottle, bleach can be harsh on your system. Side effects might include irritation of the nose, throat, and lungs—any of which are especially damaging to a person with respiratory issues like emphysema or asthma.
Simply dip a cotton swab in it, shake off excess moisture, and run it along the hard plastic casing of these devices. As you clean, be careful where you apply it; like bleach, it can discolor some surfaces and might also eat away at certain natural stone if left sitting too long.
While it will effectively eradicate viruses to keep you safe from illness like salmonella poisoning, a misstep could leave you vulnerable to its less favorable qualities. Let the solution sit for at least two days so the wool can dissolve in the vinegar, turning it a silvery-gray color. To do this, steep five black tea bags in a pot of boiling water for about an hour, then apply the tea to the furniture using an old paintbrush.

Because the piece may appear darker when it’s wet than when it’s fully dried, let it dry between coats so that you can be sure of the color before applying another layer of stain. Next, wrap the tape three quarters of the way around the lid, and fold the remainder of the strip in half, lengthwise, forming a sort of  three quart the tape around the lid, forming a sort of makeshift handle.
The trick is to bring the jar over to the kitchen sink and hold it under warm or hot water for up to 60 seconds. The water at least partially washes away whatever substance may be holding the lid in the place.
Follow either of these straightforward methods to restore their shine and stop further corrosion in its tracks. Deeper rust issues may require more than just muscle, but this physical solution is a good first step. The frame should hang securely suspended from the nail, allowing you to place the stirrer against the wall in order to test different placements. That includes the drawer knob that helps anchor the rope used to hang the finished project from a sturdy tree branch. Topped with a layer of stapled-on chicken wire, the pitched roof holds a layer of potting soil and an overflowing bounty of decorative plantings. With all of your lumber cut to length, you’ll need to drill pocketholes at the top and bottom of each side. Next time you’re stuck with dusting duty, look to these easy fixes to get the job done—fast! The great part about this trick is that it enables you to get into all of the nooks and crannies, unlike a regular dust cloth. As a bonus, this trick lets you eliminate a step in the dusting process; instead of throwing them in the laundry like you would a microfiber cloth, simply toss the sheet in the trash when you’re finished. Before implementing them into your cleaning routine, you should be aware of and avoid a few potential hazardous practices. And many more products on the market and in your cleaning closet can also interact negatively with bleach: drain cleaners, glass and window cleaners, brick and concrete cleaners, dishwasher detergents, toilet bowl cleaners—that list goes on. Additionally, the chemical could burn if it comes in contact with your skin or eyes, so take precautions to always dilute the product according to its bottle’s instructions and wear protective gear.
No, more does not always amount to better; dousing surfaces with bleach to sanitize will not automatically rid your home of potential germs. The key is to wipe the surface down with the cleanser, let it dry, and then wipe it down once more to be sure there are no leftover spots. The scrubbing does the real work, breaking down bacteria and getting your standard disinfecting soap and water to do its job. If you notice any drip marks or want a more blended result, buff the wood with fine-grit sandpaper.
You can skip the phone call to your body-building next-door neighbor, because the solution lies close at hand. Over time, iron and steel exposed to oxygen and moisture form a chemical reaction called oxidation. In this way, you can easily move the frame a little to the right, up a bit, or down a smidge until you strike upon the look you want. Position and secure the jig in place using a clamp, then using the supplied drill bit, go ahead and drill your pocketholes. Pull the items out and brush them off, sucking up any excess baking soda with your vacuum and upholstery attachment.
A study published in the journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine this year found that kids whose parents used bleach to clean the house weekly had 18 to 35 percent more risk of coming down with infections, particularly the flu and tonsillitis, as compared to the children in households without regular disinfection by bleach.
Finally, seal the wood with a wax finish for a polished, aged look that’s worthy of a high-end antiques shop. In fact, in most every kitchen, there are at least three easy and effective methods of opening any stubborn jar lid.
The visual evidence of this reaction is the burnt orange speckling that covers your metal possessions. Scroll down now to see five easy, inexpensive, and endlessly creative approaches to one of the most beloved family-friendly projects of all time. When assembling the frame, I find that using a 90-degree corner clamp will keep your pieces of wood from shifting. In addition to getting Teddy dust-free, the baking soda will also deodorize, making these subtly stinky items smell so much better. Alternatively, hunt around in the junk drawer for rubber bands and wrap one around the lid a few times.
Eventually, too much rust will ruin your tools—giving you yet another excuse to put off those projects. While the vacuum is out, also consider using the upholstery attachment to take care of any dust that is hiding out on curtains or upholstery.

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