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As your feet sweat, certain bacteria thrive on them, eventually leading to bad odor, hence causing your feet to stink awfully. There are certain over the counter products available to deal with the problem of sweaty and stinky feet; but there is no guarantee if these products would work in all the cases. The first and foremost step that should be followed by all the people having stinky and sweaty feet is to clean the feet at least twice in a day with an antibacterial soap. The problem of stinky feet can be fought in an effectual way with the aid of washing the feet with antioxidant enriched tea. It is recommended to keep changing the shoes every other day, so that your feet get adjusted to all kinds of shoes you have, and do not produce a bad odor. Drinking sufficient amount of water every day is a very good way to fight with any kind of body odor, including the odor of the feet.
It is suggested to spray the feet with an antiperspirant on regular basis to prevent stinky feet. Taking bath with a mix of water, baking soda, and vinegar would prove to be of tremendous help in providing relief with respect to stinky and sweaty feet. Dusting the feet with cornstarch twice in a day would aid in preventing the feet to produce bad smell. I have taken yoga classes in several studios and observed that the Sweaty Situation arises when a man is performing hot yoga. The Victims, imprisoned by the rules of silence and respect, are then either forced to squirm on their mats, praying that the sweat will rush past them or to subtly shift their mat. The modern laissez-faire response to the Victims' plight is that these men wouldn't likely mind if the Victims' sweat touched their mats, after all it is yoga and we should let things go.
If you understand my disgust, then brace yourself for the horror of thin, white shorts, which become transparent during a hot yoga class ("Transparency Principle").
How can male yogis attend class wearing thin, white shorts forget about the Transparency Principle? I agree that everyone has the right to express themselves through clothing, and that includes the right to wear thin, white shorts. I humbly suggest that opaque butter yellow shorts made with sweat-wicking material is a viable alternative. The golden thread that unites my gripes about yoga is the lack of courtesy that some male yogis fail to apply to their practice. How awkward your position gets when someone wants to shake hands with you and you are hesitated because of your clammy hands. Breathing exercises are very helpful to relax the body and maintain body temperature to avoid excess perspiration.

Water helps to maintain your body temperature by keeping it cool and hence reduces sweating due to body heat. Sufficient intake of fruits and vegetables allows proper functioning of our glands and controls their secretion within our body. Baking soda is alkaline and works by reacting with the sweat, which is a base and converts it into gas which eventually evaporates. Tannic acid found in sage tea, is a natural astringent and helps to reduce clamminess from hands. If your hand’s sweating is getting severe and none of the above remedies helps to reduce the clamminess then this is probably the sign of over functioning of sweat glands and can be treated with medicine or other clinical treatments such as Botox or surgery as per suggested by your doctor. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
Though, it is not always necessary for sweaty feet to stink, however, in most of the cases it is a common problem.
Let us here discuss about a few effective tips of dealing with the problem of stinky and sweaty feet.
Green tea is a perfect example which is packed with numerous antioxidants, thus helping to fight against the bacteria thriving on the feet in an amazing manner. It is recommended to wear socks made of cotton material, as they absorb the sweat easily, thus preventing the feet to stink. It is suggested to rub the feet with any of these natural juices to fight against stinky feet. The feet would feel quite relaxed with the aid of baking soda based bath, and the foot odor would also be eliminated. Typically, as the class heats up this man sounds like a dripping faucet that pierces hard-won concentration.
I suggest that if I involuntarily shared my phlegm, another bodily emission, with these men via an errant swipe or a strong sneeze, that I would not be met with a charitable reaction. It works by blocking the sweat ducts through gel plugs that are formed when the antiperspirant reacts with electrolytes that are found in sweat.
So if you really want to get rid of your clammy hands, avoid stress completely by taking biofeedback or any other way. You should keep these wipes in your bag or pocket all the time and wipe your clammy hands with them to make them less sweaty. Make it your habit and do breathing exercise daily in the morning to get rid of clammy hands. Try to eat more whole food and avoid processed food as they contain chemicals that can cause heat in your body and result in excessive sweating.  Whole grains are rich in vitamin B and fiber that helps to eliminate toxins from our body.

In order to get rid of clammy hands, you should avoid intake of caffeine as much as possible. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). A few people may simply ignore the problem; however, some people may take it seriously and try to find effective measures to deal with the problem. While buying an antiperspirant for your clammy hands, keep in mind to differentiate between an antiperspirant and a deodorant.
Whenever agitation takes place in our body due to extreme temperatures, stress or body exertion, numerous sweat glands present in our body start to secrete sweat to restore our body temperature.
Repeat this procedure daily and you’ll find your hands sweating reduced and will keep your clammy hands dry.
Once or twice in a week, check for lice and brush hair with soft bristle comb,” said Sareen.Since lice spread fast, even if a family member or friend has the problem you should take care. A person suffering from palmar hyperhidrosis have continues hand sweating even in the absence of these conditions due to over activeness of sympathetic nervous system.
She advises not to share personal belongings like comb, hair accessories, pillow and other products that touch the hair.Sareen suggests few home remedies too. In order to permanently cure palmar hyperhidrosis, you have to go for clinical treatments and surgeries which are very expensive. Garlic, neem and onion can be of great help.“Apply garlic paste or juice all over your hair and scalp, keep it for some 30-40 minutes, then wash it.
However you can control your hand’s sweating through several natural and home remedies, which are very effective and useful to get rid of clammy hands. One can try onion juice and white vinegar mixture - apply it on your scalp and keep it for at least an hour.
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