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Edema or oedema is an accumulation of fluid in the body's tissues, which leads to swelling.
I want to make eye eyes appear swollen because i don't want to go my aunt's house with my mom. My mom told me that don't drink too much water before sleep, or it will cause swollen eyes the next day. The final stage of the Inaugural Port to Port MTB kicked off from the pristine Cam’s Wharf this morning, setting the riders up for a fast 49km coastal ride up to Newcastle. From the get go, heads were down and knees were flying, as Torq rider Chris Hamilton tried to close the 28 second gap between him and Swell Specialize’s Andy Blair. Flying past the town of Swansea in one big pack, Lewis lead the way as he was determined to be there all morning to support his team mate Blair to victory. Riders were then led along the coast and onto a wooden slab path which abruptly ended in a pit of sand and into Blacksmith’s Surf Beach. As the lead pack pushed through the soft sand, avoiding the waves rolling in, Blair and his right hand man Lewis planned to make the most of the unforgiving sand, and isolate Hamilton from the rest of his Torq team mates. Once off the beach riders faced the flat open Fernleigh track, where Blair and Lewis really put the pressure on Hamilton, a role reversal from the previous stages where Blair had been attacked by Hamilton’s Torq team mates.
The approaching trails within the Glenrock Mountain Bike park approached, and this is where things started to shake up. The last section of today’s stage saw riders descend into the suburban coastal town of Mereweather Beach, before heading north towards Newcastle.
As the tight pack appeared around the corner to the final stop at Nobby’s Beach, it was Blair, Hamilton, Lewis, Aitken and Torq riders Bejamin Forbers, Liam Jeffries, and Tasman Nakervis who made it in the final pack.
The first Enduro National Championships were held to great success over the weekend, along the pristine Tropical North Queensland coast line. The first annual MTBA Enduro National Championships got underway today with the Prologue stage setting riders seeding position for Sunday race day. The Victorian Downhill Series has long been known for being the premiere series in the country.
This event is likely to one of the best in Australia thanks to the quality of trails, and the proximity to town.
Overcast skies remained making the Giant Toa Enduro one of the darkest, slickest and most dangerous Enduro World Series openers ever. Rocky Trail Entertainment assembled more than 250 racers for the first SHIMANO Mountain Bike Grand Prix race in 2015. The numbers were clearly up this year, probably a combination of good weather, well organised parking and the success of last year. I bought a mysterious 250W HF linear amplifier for $25, enjoyed the usual displays from the Home Brew group, Historical Radio Society and the various vendors.
Our old HP Laserjet 1022n has run for many years but since about the time of Leopard a bug appeared in the driver, that still hasn't been fixed, where it will not print every other page sometimes. For $80, at Officeworks, I purchased an HP Laserjet P1102w and after some messing about it's working really well.
The printer goes to sleep quite quickly, which is good, but we've had a frequent problem of computers not being able to connect to the printer. I've enjoyed the Ensemble RXTX kit build but I'm having a devil of a time with audio under Windows XP.
The instructions with the software are a little brief and so I wanted to capture my working configuration here for future reference. Turn on the Drift Correction checkboxes (called Resample under 10.6) for the built-in microphone and built-in output. Note that the audio level was very low for me and I had to increase output gain to hear radio signals. Most of my problems have been sound related under Windows XP so I switched to a laptop running Windows 7 and had much more success. Sorry about the low receive audio on this one, I'll try to get a better recording next time.
I'm pleased to report that the build of the Ensemble RXTX kit is complete and I've hacked it into a box. While there is a purpose built box available, I found something off the shelf that is the perfect width although deeper than really required.

So far I haven't got transmitting going, partially due to the mystery, to me, of how to control it over USB. A few of the transformers were pretty tight by the time I put the bifilar and secondary windings in them but otherwise all went pretty smoothly.
We mostly use Apple Macs here (except for a Windows XP netbook for some ham radio software).
The documents she works on are large, hundreds of pages, with track changes enabled and showing lots of history.
Word does recover the file without losing too much but it can be distressing for her when deadlines are approaching.
This morning, just before heading out the door, we were unable to copy a PowerPoint presentation to a USB key. I'm all for going paperless and have switched to paperless notifications of most things, (although I do find myself printing a lot out to hand to my accountant at the end of the year which rather makes me feel like a distributed printing service). A few Westfield shares means that I get notifications such as the one shown here that just came in. I noticed that it took rather a long time for my email client to download the email and the "hero" image of "Westfield Sydney City - Feb 12" rendered progressively. It turns out that the image they embedded in the email, from an email & SMS marketing service called Vision6, is a 6MB image which measures 3495 x 2713 pixels!
This model has an Atmel processor which does USB so that the computer can control the frequency and transmit line. There's not many stations on but here's a video of a little reception that sounds pretty good, until my WSPR station transmits and blots everything!
Since doing some research on audio quality this week for a RN breakfast panel responding to Neil Young's comments I've been hunting for ways to experience the best quality audio I can get out of my Mac. The software is written in some kind of cross platform library so it looks pretty weird on the Mac but it works and sounds good. It helped me when it came to lining up the points, and amazingly, some of the intersections are perfect! I looked up the collective noun for Butterflies, and there are several, but the most appropriate to me seemed to be a kaleidoscope of butterflies.
Last of all I have to share a proud Mum moment, and show you Michaela, who received a Student Achievement Award in front of the whole school on Monday for working extremely hard to improve her writing, both in form (neatness) and in content.  Her Dad and I are very proud of her.
After gathering a large amount of fabric, I attached it to the underside of the brim, and stitched it in place, around the edge. The red ribbon crossed over at the back, and I stitched it to the edges of the brim in 2 places that corresponded to just behind my ears.  This gave it the bonnet shape when it was done up. To show you what it looked like on me, I will have to show you a terrible night-time selfie. I spent the day of the party in bed with a migraine, so even though I was on track to finish the dress and bonnet in plenty of time to get a daylight photo, it wasn’t to be. So the past week has been all about feathers and insects, but I would rather it had only been about feathers. Does anyone else get obsessed with the perfect pencil sharpener?  Perhaps you have another tool you obsess over? I made it!  I finished the Christmas Angel just in time to photograph it, wrap it and hand it over to be given to the Music Teacher.  Now I just have to make one more, and finish two stitcheries, and the school presents are done. Amelia broke it!  Last night Amelia successfully completed her Red II grading for Taekwondo, and broke two boards with her high kicks.  We also somehow found time to get her a haircut, in preparation for tonight, which is her Grade 6 graduation.  It is all happening!
I have already explained to Amelia, that while I am very excited that she is moving on to High School, and I know she is ready, I might have a tear or two in my eyes.  They will be happy tears. Although edema can occur in any part of your body, it usually affects the hands, feet and legs. The first climb out of Cam’s Wharf saw Hamilton and his team of young Torq riders driving the pace, with Andy Blair and his team mate Shaun Lewis close behind.
The early riding by Lewis was impressive as he had not had the best event, finishing outside the top ten on all of the first three stages.
Balancing themselves over the sand between rolling waves, they managed to gain a substantial lead.
Gradually one by one, Hamilton’s young Torq mates and 18-year old local Christopher Aitken clawed their way up to the leaders.

Pushing their way towards the light house, it was a tight scramble to the end ultimately ending in Blair’s favour. The Cannonball run was loose today with multiple days of no rain culminating in a very dusty course. Second, the wireless setup, which you need to do via a web page configuration while connected on USB is a little non-obvious - particularly the bit where you click a double arrow button move your wireless network over to the left from the scan list. What happens is that the printer's DHCP lease expires and presumably because it's asleep, the computers can't find it until you wake it up.
There's not a lot of ham radio software for MacOS but there is an SDR program called "DSP Radio" from Sebastian Mrozek, who has been very helpful in getting me past some problems I ran into. As you can see I'm fitting a hardware transmit switch for cases where the software doesn't support TX control over USB. We love Apple's iWork suite but my wife is required to work on documents in Microsoft Word.
I know from past experience that Office holds files open even though the window is closed for some reason (no idea if this is still the case but it used to be). I've built a Softrock receiver in the past but never tried transmitting so this should be fun. I happened to be reading the reddit amateur radio site when someone noticed stock so I got in.
The hairy thing for me with these kits is the soldering of tiny surface mount components but I find that I'm getting better (although probably using too much solder) and also the components seem very robust. On receive it was super deaf - turned out I'd wound the wrong T5 and it was attenuating the receiver so much that it made almost no difference when the antenna was connected such that I thought something was unconnected.
Oddly it claims to be clipping pretty frequently but maybe the track is normalised to use the full dynamic range.
My friend Anita (Hillside Quilting) and I were there to talk to Alison about teaching classes in her new space. They were fun to make, and you know me, the pegs on each tag match the colour on the top of the corresponding pattern. I bound the edge of the brim with bias binding, just like on a quilt.  The crown was gently stitched to the brim, covering up the old hatband, (which was a really handy thing to stitch through, easier than the straw) and a red ribbon finished it off, covering the stitching.
And i am going to join in a concert with my friends, and i don't want to meet them with swollen eyes. As the group swelled, the trail narrowed, and the pressure was on as they exited Glenrock only seconds apart. Create a new Aggregate Device and add the external USB device and your built-in audio (for your headphones and microphone).
I did this by choosing inputs and whistling until I saw my trace on the waterfall - that meant I'd found the microphone. We tried to quit all the Office apps, they did appear to exit but when we tried a restart it was prevented by Word. I'm embarrassed on behalf of the industry that a user can have such a bad experience every day. It's free but they either want you to have some of their hardware or alternatively use your Twitter account to tweet a little marketing.
I will be teaching needle-turn applique later in the year, and Anita will be teaching free-motion-quilting (for domestic machines). Common signs of edema include swelling, puffiness, stretched or shiny skin, and dimpling of the skin after being pressed for a few seconds.
Edema may result from sitting or staying in one position for many hours, a surgical procedure, high salt intake, malnutrition, insect bites, premenstrual syndrome and pregnancy.
Once the cause is known and is not serious then swelling and water retention can be relieved by simple home remedies. How to treat swelling feet and legs? Being high in potassium, it helps to restore potassium levels in the body and reverse fluid retention.
Exercise and other physical activities can help prevent it as well as reduce the intensity of symptoms when edema occurs.

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