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Well, after about a year and a half long journey, i lost the weight and was "thin" for the first time in my life.
I had one several years ago, and haven't regretted it for a second, even after regaining weight a few years later! If youd like to see it, feel free to PM me in a week or two and ill let anyone whos curious about a TT see! I do, but with mederma and good care in about 6-8 months it should get pretty faded, ive seen some turn almost non-existant.

Unfortunately being heavy for 25 years took its toll on my 5'2 frame and i was left with a generally fit body with a small stretchmarked gut in the center that was composed of mostly skin and would NOT go away with any amount of working out. Good thing I did because I found out I had a 4 inch wide muscle gap from my rib cage to my pelvis bone. I'm lucky that my husband has already told me that once I've lost all of my weight that I can have the skin removal surgery because I know I'm bound to have some due to having been overweight for the past 20 some odd years and 2 kids.
Thanks so much, i was terrified of having a "franken-tummy" lol but i trusted him completely and i knew if anyone could do it right,he could.

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