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Dry lips can also cause Angular Cheilitis, a condition characterized by flaky red sores on both sides of the mouth. While dry lips may have different causes, the condition is mainly triggered due to lack of care and attention for the lips. There are a number of natural home remedies that are known to be effective in treating dry lips. Increase Water Intake: The commonest reason for dry lips is deficiency of water, and increasing the intake of water will fix the problem. Cucumber: Cucumber can either be added to a mix of other fruits and vegetables and consumed as salad or rubbed gently on the sore lips. Aloe Vera: A popular healing agent, aloe vera contains natural ingredients that treat dry lips.
Avoid using chap-sticks to treat dry lips as the balm contains traces of petroleum and alcohol, which are not healthy for the lips.
A skin care routine known to deliver excellent results in treating youthful skin may prove ineffective against aging skin. If you are using an anti-aging lip balm, use a product with Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 30 or higher.
If these tips do not offer any kind of relief to your dry lips, then you should consider seeing a dermatologist. Characterized by dry, flaky looking lips, cracks and red splits can also appear on the lower lip at times.

The condition occurs due to deficiency of key nutrients in the body, and makes it painful to open and close the mouth. Cold winds and low temperatures result in loss of moisture and natural oils necessary to keep lips moist.
The layer of natural oils surfacing the lips gets removed, causing the lips to appear dry and chapped. For people who find it difficult to drink plenty of water, other fluids such as juices are just as helpful. The added nutrients are absorbed by the lip tissues, making the lips soft and well-moistened. The oil can either be mixed in water and consumed as a drink to heal the condition internally, or applied directly onto the dried lips. Applying a coat of honey onto the dry lips will make them moist and render them a soft and smooth look. The latter option may be used to provide immediate relief from the pain involved with the condition. The natural herb heals the painful symptoms of dry lips and strengthens the protective layer of oil that covers the lips.
Alpha-hydroxy acid and retinoids are included in some products, and are known to cause dry, itchy skin.
If your lips are excessively dry, they may require prescription cream for effective treatment.

If you are also interested to write for HealthResource4u, Please check our guest posting guidelines. Dairy products are a good source of fat needed to produce natural oils and keep lips moist. If you frequently encounter dried lips, keeping a small bottle of castor oil in your bag or pocket will help.
If you encounter dry lips, apply aloe vera paste to moisturize the skin and treat the condition. As such, it is absolutely essential to make necessary changes in skin care to control the effect of dry air on human skin. Applying an alternative formula which has more moisturizing properties will provide relief.
You could also be suffering from an underlying medical condition, such as eczema, which causes dry skin.
Moisturizer traps the water content absorbed by your face, and prevents the skin around the lips from drying. If signs of drying skin are still visible, apply the moisturizer two to three times during the day.

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