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The interesting thing is that back pain in not really a disease on its own independent, it’s actually only a symptom that your body is unhealthy. For those of us who stays in the same bad posture for extended periods of time and performs a monotonous job, back pain could be accompanied by a sharp muscular spasm.
The condition usually begins with a sudden sharp pain in a waist, less often with some dull pain which eventually grows into sharp pain.

Find the most painful points on one or several of the areas depicted on figures 1, 2, 3, and 4 (for this purpose it is very good to use a massage stick ) and then massage these areas. The final step is to apply buckwheat or pepper seeds to the area corresponding to your back pain. When this happens the person  cannot bend or unbend, back muscles are very strained, painful and a slightest movement or a physical pressure could aggravate the pain.

This number is not surprising, since most of us lead a sedentary lifestyle, eat incorrectly, walk, sit and stand in bad posture, and many hardly do any physical activity.

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