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Preventing excess oil in the pores, dead cells and bacteria on the skin help in disappearing whiteheads.
The citric acid present in the fresh lemon juice naturally helps in getting rid of whiteheads. Lycopene present in tomatoes are acidic in nature and removes the impurities present on the skin. The anti-oxidants present in aloe vera cleanse your skin cells and can remove whiteheads as well as blackheads.
Additionally, apple cider vinegar is attributed with anti-bacterial and anti-septic features. However, it slows down the process of follicle shedding in turn preventing the pores from getting clogged.
When you apply heat, the pores get opened up allowing the dead skin, sebum and bacteria to escape.

Take a cotton ball and wet in the diluted lemon juice and rub the wet cotton ball gently on the white heads. Moreover, the tomatoes are rich in anti-oxidants and this helps your skin to have a glow and look young. In case if your hair styling professional is using makeup and oil-free lotions wash your hair frequently to prevent getting whiteheads. In case if you feel your skin drying up then avoid face washing two times a day as skin responds by producing more oil. Applying retinoid creams on affected areas say nose or chin clear the whiteheads by unblocking the pores and promoting new cell growth. Once your pores open up using compressor then rinse your face using a light facial cleanser and close the pores with cold water. Be careful while you are using this as the acidic property of apple cider vinegar may cause burns on your skin.

Whiteheads are similar to blackheads but are caused due to the oil present in the pores, dead skin and bacteria. However, you can treat whiteheads by taking proper care of your skin and slight modifications in your lifestyle.
You can use the anti-whitehead scrub similar to other scrubs and you can apply it two times a week.

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