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Starting today, Project Spark, Microsoft's quirky game creation game, is no longer for sale. A new type of ransomware has recently been discovered, and is bundled along with the Petya ransomware. NASA is setting aside money to fund the most ambitious and odd-but-interesting projects that made it through NIAC's first phase.
A group of Danish researchers scraped data from 70,000 OkCupid profiles, packaged it in a data set, and released it on the internet.
Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed SB 1350 today, which will prevent cities in the state from banning short-term rental services like Airbnb or HoweAway. This is a really neat woodworking project from Matthias Wandel: turning a single piece of wood into a chain just by using power tools. Last week, a blog post by a designer named James Pinkstone made the rounds; in it, the writer claimed that Apple Music and iTunes teamed up to delete his 122GB of local music files and basically cause havoc with his library. I was using Spotlight on OS X to find my Zen Desktop Cleaner app when "The Zen of Making" showed up.
Adapted from a talk by Massimo Banzi, co-founder of Arduino, presented at World Maker Faire 2011 in New York. This short animation Death in Space by Thomas Lucas is a collection of two-second scenes that show people dying in space in the most random ways.
On Tuesday, about 150 scientists, lawyers and entrepreneurs gathered at Harvard Medical School to discuss a future project to improve techniques to synthesize human DNA from chemicals. The New York Times is reporting that Pfizer has imposed new controls on their products to make sure that none of them are used in lethal injections. Scientists from the University of Texas at Arlington used planetarium software to recreate the night sky of ancient Greece, the better to peg the date when lyric poet Sappho penned one of her most famous verses.
Even if you’re pretty good about washing your bed sheets, it’s easy to forget that your mattress can use a good cleaning every now and again too. A michelada is a tasty cocktail that can be made a few different ways, but usually involves some combination of beer, hot sauce or tomato juice, lime, and salt.
Instant cameras are awesome, but if you’re looking for something a bit more ridiculous, Adafruit shows you how to build a camera that’ll print out a pixelated photo on thermal paper.This is a pretty ridiculous idea, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a fun one, especially if you find yourself longing for the days of the Game Boy Camera and Printer. Atari just won't give up the dream of bringing its iconic gaming properties to the big screen.
Here's a story about a Gunbarrel gentleman who got into a fight with his neighbor over squirrel-feeding and shot him in the buttocks with his pistol. Neighbors told investigators that Barbour and his wife like to feed shelled peanuts to the local squirrels.
Barbour said he and his wife put fliers on mailboxes in the area explaining why he fed the squirrels, but Browning took them down. Barbour and Browning got into an argument over the fliers Thursday while Browning was walking his dog, with each man accusing the other of being "white trash," according to the affidavit. Barbour told deputies that Browning then hit him in the head, and that he shot Browning while the two were on the ground struggling. But Browning told investigators that he was walking away from Barbour, and was about 10 feet away, when he was shot. The ESL today announced the formation of the World Esports Association, an organization that’s designed to professionalize esports through regular structure and standardized schedules. A new Android app from the tech-savvy extremist group ISIS hopes to help out busy ISIS parents by teaching their kids to read and militarizing them at the same time.

When Microsoft releases the Windows 10 Anniversary Update this summer, the OS will show twice as many 'Promoted Apps' as it did previously. Earlier this week, over a hundred scientists, lawyers, and entrepreneurs gathered to discuss the radical possibility of creating a synthetic human genome.
An SUV with roof-mounted licence plate-scanning cameras, crudely disguised as a Google Maps Street View car, was spotted in Philadelphia this week - and the police department has admitted it's theirs. When Amazon first announced the Dash Button in early 2015, we couldn’t decide whether it heralded a more convenient future or whether it was a harbinger of our doom. One of the best new additions to the Raspberry Pi 3 is built-in Bluetooth, but setting up a Bluetooth device required the command line. The Heart of the Matter: What Does America Really Know about Coronary Artery Disease Treatments?
And come August 12th, the servers will be shut down, Thomas Gratz of developer Team Dakota writes. If a user rejects admin privileges, a backup malware will kick in, encrypting a user's files. If you're not prepared to have someone adapt, improve, clone, or trash your work, don't share it. It’s totally silly, but it’s funny because it pokes fun of the careless curiosity of human nature.
Think Viscera Cleanup Detail, except it’s a) set in the 1970s, b) a stealth game, and c) played from an entirely different perspective.
No matter what ingredients you like in yours, however, the easiest way to make it is right in the can.Why dirty your dishes when you don’t have to? Microsoft announced Friday afternoon—prime news-burying hour!—that their online game creator is no longer for sale as of today.
The camera’s made with a Raspberry Pi Model A+, the Pi Camera Board, a thermal receipt printer, some buttons, and the cardboard box the printer comes in.
Jon Marc Barbour, 59, was arrested for second-degree attempted murder and first-degree assault. But neighbors have objected to this, saying they're worried about local children with nut allergies and diseases the squirrels might be carrying. It's regularly $35 on Amazon, but you can get it for $25 if you use code Z59QY7OB at check-out.
Fakespot’s an online tool that helps you separate the junk reviews from the useful ones.All you need to do is copy and paste the Amazon link into Fakespot, and it’ll generate a review score. Since then, the number of Dash Buttons has ballooned, but they have yet to escape the confines of being “plastic things that order things” Cool, but not terribly exciting. If you want to mix yourself a michelada, Marian Bull at Food52 suggests you pour everything you need into your ice-cold cerveza. It’s not a particularly hard project, but it’s not cheap either, coming it around $90 total for everything.
I was once shot by fellow who objected to my trespassing on his property (my friends and I were exploring the caves). Just click the Bluetooth icon and find your device, just like you would on any other modern operating system.
Take a couple sips to make a little room in the can, then pour in some hot sauce or tomato juice, squeeze in some fresh lime, and simply sprinkle some salt onto the mouth or lid of the beer can. If all else fails, though, when the dust settles, we’ll have at least gotten this cool in-game trailer out of it.

It’s not a perfect tool, as many of these reviews could still be real, but it’s useful when you’re trying to figure out if user reviews are worth paying attention to or not. I see something I like the shape of, or, sometimes, buy the marketing BS of, and suddenly I become obsessed with owning it, and certain that it is the answer to any number of imagined control and comfort woes. The interface also now supports Bluetooth audio, so you can hook up speakers or headphones easily. What about the gems that don’t get discussed all that much?Today we’re highlighting some underappreciated gems from the past few decades, across all consoles. Just kidding, relax, and try programming an Amazon Dash button to order a pizza.Amazon is selling a limited run of “blank” programmable Dash buttons. Of course, if you want a salted rim on the can, you can do that too, but you have to do that before you open your beer. Ivan Kuzkin crafted a shot-for-shot remake of the Warcraft movie trailer in World of Warcraft.
Alongside the improved Bluetooth support, the update adds in a SD Card Copier application to backup your SD card, a new way to access the GPIO, and the programming text editor, Geany. I’m sticking to games that don’t get discussed very often, so you won’t find the likes of Xenogears or Skies of Arcadia here. They’re designed to work with ‘Internet of Things’ devices (smart home junk) using Amazon Web Services, so you could program it to turn on your lights or queue Netflix on your smart TV, for example. Be sure to download your favorite community creations and your own uploads if they are not saved locally.”This news comes several months after Microsoft announced that they would no longer release DLC for Spark.
I’m also staying away from games I talk about all the time on Kotaku, so the Suikoden and Trails series don’t make the list. Maybe you’ll discover something cool to play; maybe you’ll see something that brings back fond childhood memories.
Maybe you’ll just rush to the comments to complain about how your favorite game isn’t on here.
The game also plays with time travel in some interesting ways, allowing you to move back and forth along a timeline full of alternate histories so you can see what would happen if you made certain pivotal decisions differently. All three games—Soulblazer, Illusion of Gaia, and Terranigma—are worth playing, but today we’ll give some love to the first one.
Soulblazer puts you in command of an angel, sent to a world that had been ravaged by a soul-stealing monster named Deathtoll. As you hack-and-slash your way through underwater tunnels and creepy old mansions, you’ll gradually rescue all of those souls, watching them repopulate their homes and villages. You can now drop audio memos in Slack, Dropbox, and more, as well as talk to Amazon’s Alexa. They’re calling it a “voice platform.” Talking to Alexa is particularly notable, since you don’t even need to own an Echo. Casting spells, for example, requires you to follow alchemical formulas using ingredients like limestone and dry ice.
It’s based on Chromium and can emulate a number of mobile devices so you can see what your site will look like on an iPhone, for example.

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