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If the pump received electricity but it doesn’t work, then it means it has an electrical power. Inadequate cleaning and the presence of old furniture are some of the causes why musty smell in house occur. This forum covers the planning, creating and maintaining of the laundry room including washers, dryers and other appliances used there. A towel that appears clean and ready to use often smells musty when you get it wet when drying after a bath or shower. I don’t actually keep my luggage on my front hall table, I just thought it was a nice way for you to get a good gander at it.
Then close up your piece of luggage (or any other thing you own that’s filled with musty smells.

When the week is up, just empty the kitty litter and fill your luggage with whatever you choose to. I use the vinegar trick because I have 3 dogs and my car gets smelly sometimes, and yes the vinegar works. My 2005 car was bought new by an old lady who was a smoker and thn found out a few months later she had lung cancer. When we had a skunk spray our house, that vinegar remedy is one of the things I found online. My husband, having forgot it didn’t work, tries putting a bowl of vinegar in our bar fridge when it smelled like skunk (due to being in the mudroom that smelled) It’s been 6 months and it STILL smells like vinegar! Amie – Baking soda does work, but for bigger jobs like suitcases kitty litter is the one to go with.

They said they use it on pets that have been sprayed by skunks and many dog owners use it to get urine stank out of outdoor dog runs. It makes me want to use words like whippersnapper and hooligan while holding a rolling pin in one hand and a television remote the size of a box of cereal in the other. Also, the traditional kitty litter has way better odour absorbing properties than the newspaper type.

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