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Before you get into the cleaning aspect, you need to know a little something about mothballs.
Because the bad smell of mothballs comes from gas, fresh air and proper ventilation are powerful forces in the fight to get rid of the smell. If you stored away your winter clothes with a load of mothballs and have pulled them out only to find them reeking of that awful mothball smell, here are some tips. The smell of moth balls often lingers, but lavender, dryer sheets, and charcoal can make it fade. The smell of moth balls is so characteristic that most people can recognize it even months after moth balls have been removed from a home. If you have tried to remove the smell of moth balls from clothes, you know how hard it can be.
It may also be possible to remove the smell by sealing the clothes in a plastic bag together with a powerful deodorizer, such as dryer sheets or a sachet of dry lavender. Removing the smell of moth balls from furniture may be trickier, as the odor can get into the wood grain and become as one with the piece. We had a major terrible mothball smell in our huge 5500 sq foot home, and since it was up for sale, lost buyers.
Washing all carpets with ammonia and water only via a rug doctor carpet cleaner we rented from the grocery store. I used a very good ozonator and ozonated each room individually for about 30 minutes, and the bigger rooms for an hour. I took our steam cleaner (we have an expensive $500 unit with various attachments) and steam cleaned all the walls and ceilings in every single room (be careful not to touch walls with attachment, stay a few inches away from wall), and I steam cleaned the air. I haven't tried this X-O Odor Eliminator on moth balls, so I don't know if it will work, but it works on pet stains with ammonia so perhaps it will work on these, too. After a hurricane felled a tree against our attic roof and made a space for rats to enter, we had a problem with rats getting into the walls and scaring the bleep out of us while taking showers in pitch darkness due to no electricity. Rodents are hard to get rid of humanely, so I researched and finally came up with moth balls. I used a few moth balls to get rid of wax moth on my frames of drawn out honeycomb for winter storage (I keep bees) now the bees won't go near them but will try the sunshine plus airing exposure method. Mothballs are solid pesticides composed of naphthalene, paradichlorobenzene, or 1,4-dichlorobenzene and are all toxic carcinogens.
All of these chemistries are extremely pervasive vapors and will embed into any porous surface or material, as you may have discovered.
Hope this helps someone; and yes the process can be a bit expensive - but it's a lot less expensive than gutting the house, removing all the drywall and insulation, throwing away the clothing and furniture, and starting from scratch.
Currently, we are attempting to fix the problem by removing the entire roof, insulation and interior ceilings. I don't have the problem but a neighbor does and I don't believe they have any idea or maybe they are so used to it they don't realize it is so strong! I don't think anyone here realizes that not only is the smell bad but mothballs are extremely toxic! The owners of the unit below my condo apartment used mothballs in the laundry unit for about five years, which is connected to the shared ventilation shaft. We've successfully removed a mothball odor that was pervasive throughout an entire house that we had just purchased.
First, we entirely demolished and removed the cedar closet in the basement that was the source of the problem. 1) Opening all windows and turning on ceiling fans and exhaust fan in basement all day of each non-rainy day for over a month during the summer. 2) Purchasing and turning on four large dehumidifiers during the night to make the air as dry as possible.
6) Painting using nontoxic AFM SafeCoat Transitional Sealer and then a top coat of SafeCoat on the walls. I stupidly rolled up my grandmother's wool braided rug with mothballs in it to get rid of what I thought were moth larvae.
Thanks to all of you who responded to what to do when my daughters handyman put moth balls in wall of attic to get rid of raccoons. My daughter's handyman put lots of moth balls in between the walls of her attic to get rid of racoons that had nested there. Whether they’re coming from another person, an animal or from an unknown source around your home, bad smells are almost impossible to ignore. The way they keep moths away is by releasing a gas – a gas which doesn’t smell all that great. The better the air circulation and ventilation in the affected area, the quicker the mothball smell will disperse and eventually go away completely. Pour a healthy amount of baby powder on the affected clothes and proceed to dry them off with either a hair dryer or by letting them dry naturally on a clothesline outdoors.
There are plenty of alternatives to mothballs that work just as well or better when it comes time to store your clothes.

The good thing about the strong, lingering smell is that it keeps protecting clothes even after the ball itself has dissolved. The most common way of doing so is to hang the clothes in the sun on and off for at least a week. Lavender is also a natural moth repellent, and it can be used instead of moth balls in the first place.
Baking soda and charcoal may help absorb the smell from the inside of drawers or cupboards, and furniture polish can sometimes help with the outside. Choose natural scents like lavender, mint, and rosemary, which are natural moth repellents.
After about 12 hours my entire apartment and the hallway of the apartment smelled terrible!
We also used X-O after our son smoked the house with wet cedar wood in the basement fireplace, leaving the flue closed. I'm also not sure about any remaining toxins that might still need to be eliminated, so you'll want to check on that. You can't gather them back up easily that way, plus the Florida heat melted them into the wood, and they were there to stay then. In addition, the telltale scent of mothballs is a combination of the thalene or benzene with camphor, itself an irritant and toxic if ingested. I discovered while cleaning out my aunt's house with a basement full of mothball laden boxes. Buy or rent an ionizer or ozone generator, at least one for each floor or 2000 square feet. The Mom likes to send me food and I have to dispose of it unless it is on a paper plate or quickly place it on a plate from my cabinet. Though there were no mothballs present, just opening the door of the closet made one's eyes sting. If your dog has a date with Pepe Le Pew, a tomato juice bath will get rid of most of the smell. Therefore, conventional cleaning methods like soap and water won’t really do much to disperse the gas. If the smell is just affecting one room or so, you need to make a strong effort to keep the windows open and get an area fan in there. You’ll need to bear with some warmer temperatures throughout your whole house if everything smells; if it’s just one room, you can get away with a space heater. After they’ve sufficiently dried, shake out the excess powder and put them in the dryer for about 10 minutes with a few sheets of fabric softener.
The first way is the most natural: simply store your clothes in a place that’s cool and dry – like a closet or a spare room. You simply place your clothes in the bag and then suck out all the air with a vacuum cleaner. The bad thing is that the odor will usually stay on clothes even after they have been washed repeatedly. This seems to work especially well if the clothes are hung dry, before attempting to wash them even once. Moth balls are extremely toxic to pets and children, and they should be avoided in houses trying to keep their surroundings green.
I got rid of the mothballs and opened the wall to get what I think were three mothballs out but I still smell the fumes. I am willing to bet that this would definitely help with the odor end of the problem, however. I think I lost 10 years of my life when I heard them suddenly kicking in the wall next to me. We gathered up as many as we could as well as scraped up what was possible, and that helped. Place it in the center of the floor on a non-flammable table and leave, again sealing the house.
It is a neurotoxin which kills brain cells and causes neuromotor skill issues in babies and children. I understand that moth balls can permeate wood which the air shaft is primarily constructed with. Getting rid of the closet did not solve the whole problem, however, as the whole house still had an odor.
Mothballs are commonly used to keep moths from chewing on clothes, especially ones that may be stored deep in a closet or attic. I just wanted to share that little lesson with you before you get on your hands and knees and start scrubbing away! Depending on the weather, this may be uncomfortable at times, but it’s completely necessary to get rid of the smell.
And, if the mothball smell is concentrated on a piece of furniture, you can simply point the dry heat source directly at it to help speed things along.

Make sure the area is clean before storing the clothes and when it comes time to take them out, they should be in great shape.
Without any air, there is very little chance of bugs getting inside and wreaking havoc on your clothes. After the smell has dissipated, it could also help to wash the clothes with a little vinegar added to the water. We used it after leaving the windows open in our car during a rainstorm, to get rid of the mildew smell. Clean up any residues using gloves and damp paper towels, thrown directly into a plastic bag. Put on a filtered respirator mask, and beginning top to bottom, spray every absorbent surface, textile and fabric with a high-phthalate air neutralizer (Such as Ozium, Febreze or Walgreens' brand).
Sprinkle a noticeable amount of baking soda on any carpet, upholstery or textile that can't be washed.
When one area is sealed up, the odor finds another site to penetrate: baseboards, medicine cupboard, electrical outlets etc! It was discovered that the heating duct on top of the closet was punctured by nails in the building of the closet, causing the smell to be distributed throughout the house (if it hadn't already done so through osmosis). Since the use of mothballs themselves is so common, so is the problem with the smell of mothballs. I cannot access this shaft to wash or clean it, and fear I will be left with residual odor for years.
In the guide below, we’ll teach you some different ways to get rid of that nasty mothball smell for good! Now the jerks use di-chlorobenzene instead of napthalene (which is bad in its own right but nothing like the di-chlorobenzene). After the entire house has been sprayed down, seal the house as air tight as possible for 8 hours.
If the foreign idiots who manufactured these for mothballs were here, I'd beat the hell out of them and send them back to hell for more. While some smelly shoes may be destined for the trash collector, others can be salvaged with some intense deodorizing techniques. If you suffer from bromhidrosis, or extreme body odor, on your feet, they might be breeding grounds for bacteria and fungus. These could lead to problems such as toenail fungus and athlete's foot, while the odor they emanate could clear rooms. Once your shoes return to a non-toxic state, you’ll have to keep up the odor fight, as sweat and bacteria accumulate daily.
Tilt the shoe back and forth to ensure that the baking soda fills the toe of the shoes as well as the heels. At least once a day, wash your feet and toes with soap and water, dry thoroughly and put on a clean pair of socks. Insert them into the bottom of the shoes, ensuring that they are pushed fully into the toe area and lie flat at the sides of the shoe. Prevent loud dryer noise by tying together the shoestrings and closing the dryer door on the knot, leaving the shoes hanging inside the dryer as it runs. View Article Style Your Pink Wardrobe With Ease See how the colors in your closet help determine your mood. After earning her master's degree in education from the University at Albany, she spent a decade teaching and writing before becoming a full-time writer. View Article Emotionally Connect to Your Clothes Create balance and growth throughout your wardrobe. Mancini has published articles and books on education, careers, social issues, the environment and more. View Article Stay on Trend This Fashion Season Explore a range of deep greens with the year's "it" colors.
View Article Tips Do not keep your shoes in a closet, which does not have adequate air circulation.
This allows any sweat or rain to dry out completely, thus preventing the growth of bacteria that causes odor. To add a pleasant scent to your shoes, insert a fabric softener sheet into each shoe at night along with the sock with the baking soda. She has a degree in journalism from the University of Georgia and began writing professionally in 2001.

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