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If you are using a plastic bottle, use scissors or a knife to cut off the top of the bottle. If you are using a toiler paper roll, you may want to get rid of the bits of leftover paper; however, this is optional. You may want to get rid of the excess dryer sheets hanging around the outside of the sploof. I don’t know about the quarter but if you are using a pipe (anything with a bowl, really) you can hold a quarter over the bowl. If you’re using a chapstick, check out activated charcoal (you can buy small flakes from pet stores, they sell it as an aquarium filter). This is really helpful me and my freinds smoke alot, so we do it public somtimes but were getting a hotel and we dont wanna get in trouble so this is really cool thanks!

Hey i love this blog, valuable information for fellow stoners have a great one man ill be checking up on this site! My best solution for this was to use a bong – I know that sounds crazy, but hear me out. In a smaller environment the absorption from the charcoal might be better than you get from sheets.
I’ve been considering adding that to the article, but I wanted to start with the simple dryer sheets. This guide will show you how to make weed smoke smell like laundry in 3 easy steps (with 2 bonus steps for aesthetics). Just blow your smoke into the open end of the sploof and your smoke turns from skunk to fresh laundry.

If you have bugs or pests, indoor or outdoor, there are products that you can use to help get rid of them at this link here. Size, starts out light colored, gets older gets darker, don’t see any movement, but eating at plant.

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