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Jamie Simpson is a researcher and journalist based in Indianapolis with more than 10 years of professional writing experience. There are dozens of home remedies for big-toe fungus, and people report varying success rates with each one.
If you are a diabetic, consult with your doctor before trying any home remedies for toenail fungus.
The key to any home remedy for toenail fungus is to be patient—it may take many weeks or even months to see real improvement, because toenails grow very slowly and are very thick.

If you find you have yellow fungus growing on your big toe, you may have an infection in your other toes as well, so treat all 10 at the same time. Buff gently with long back and forth strokes, reaching all the nooks and crannies of each of your toes. You must use whatever treatment you try for at least several weeks before giving up and trying something different.
Many people swear by apple-cider vinegar applied topically to the toe fungus and taken internally.

Others take their dose of apple-cider vinegar like any other medicine—all in one spoonful followed by a large glass of water. Be patient and follow the treatment plan every day, in addition to keeping your feet clean and dry.

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