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Wash, then use a claybar system on an inconspicuous area to see if it removes the iron oxide particles.
The problem with 'rail dust' (which can be from a number of sources, actually) is that the iron oxide shavings are jagged--like little daggers. I found this set of vintage kitchen canisters for next to nothing because they were dirty and the letter labels were faded and discolored. I used a very tiny detailing paintbrush and a small can of Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch in appple red to update the letter labels. I also taped off the lids (leaving the handles exposed) and used Rust-Oleum glossy black spray paint to coat those. They needed a great deal of cleaning, all of them had odors and they were even pretty scratched up. Here's 2 pictures you posted- one from a current CL ad, the other from this thread, each followed by a similar angle picture that I took when I was looking at the car this year. Maybe YOU didn't buy it from there, but it's FOR SURE, and I'm sure anyone reading this will agree, for sure the exact same car.

The problem with white is that most white paint does not have a clear coat, so the rust stain may have leeched into the paint a bit, making it harder to remove--but you should be able to remove it. When it falls on the paint, it doesn't usually just sit on top; it digs in, leaving little pits. The claybar will pull the shavings out, and a good dual-action cleaner polish--applied with a random orbital--should clear up much of the damage left behind.
He has told me he did it himself and I have known him for years and I know he wouldnt lie to me. After a few years of withstanding the weather outdoors, the coppery-brown corrosion slowly begins to overtake your gate. Even when the gate has been covered with paint, it can chip; even tiny parts left unprotected will give rust the room it needs to develop and grow. With a little elbow grease and determination, you can get rid of the rust and make your iron gate look brand new. Move in a back-and-forth or up-and-down motion and work systematically from one side to the other, cleaning off the rust from each slat.

Clean off the gate with a rag, making sure you get all of the rust, paint and debris out of the corners and crevices. However, many dry to a black finish, making it difficult to cover the neutralizer with a light or metallic-colored paint. Prior to his writing career, he became a licensed level II gas technician and continues to work in the field, also authoring educational newsletters for others in the business. Jonas is currently a graduate student with a Bachelor of Arts in English and rhetoric from McMaster University.

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