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Root canal treatment is simply is a way to fix a tooth that has been severely damaged by decay. Root canals are tiny canals inside the tooth that contain the blood vessels and nerves of the tooth. Root Canal treatment is a very safe and widely used treatment to remove the damaged pulp and the infection, clean the canals and inject a type of plastic into the tooth. On your first visit, your dentist will make a tiny hole at the top part of the infected tooth directly into the pulp. The infected material is removed and the canals are cleaned and disinfected.

While we do prescribe antibiotics and pain medication, most our patients who have undergone a root canal at Midtown Dentistry have had little discomfort and no pain. All services are provided by Professional Association Jonathan Penchas DMD PA and Midtown Dentistry ® Registered, U.S. We hate spam and would never abuse your privacyPhoneThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. It is a quick and ordinary treatment done millions of times every week.Root canal treatment is simply is a way to fix a tooth that has been severely damaged by decay- Dr.

Before root canals were used, the only option to get rid of the infection was to remove the tooth.
I love how everyone there is so ingratiating and as a result you just feel immediately at ease in their hands.

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