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Apply baby powder or talc as another possible deodorant replacement that also helps keep the armpits dry.
PERSONAL hygiene is desirable at all times but certain aspects of personal hygiene are not only important but also compulsory. The female armpit is quite sexy to say the least, I have lost count of people who never fail to get the chance of checking the underarm of a woman when she raises her arms up to fix her hair or get something from the top shelf or to wave at someone. Ladies actually seem to flaunt their armpits by wearing sleeveless dresses, halters and tank tops but if you have a bush please stop or better still fall in love with hair removals. The adverts we see on television about women feeling good flaunting their clean shaven armpits are not for razor companies to expand their market or to make you believe it feels good to have a clean shaven armpit, try it because it feels extra good. Shaving is not about these razor companies trying to convince us that this hair is so objectionable; they are trying to help us have clean and unoffending sweaty armpits.
We want to do everything to reduce that possibility but if we have armpits full of hairs, it means that the temperature will be even higher and therefore we will always produce unpleasant smell. I hate people who always want to provoke us with bad odour that is easy to take care of, one does not need an expensive perfume but clean shaven armpits and an under-arm deodorant can do the trick. I always love to look good and feel good and I am quite sure everyone does, I have already stated that women look a million times better if they shave their armpits. At this time, many men also completely shave their armpits and it is a good and noble thing to do.
I hate those people that always wave their arms in your face showing you a “dam” stained shirt which in most cases has a bad smell accompanying it. People say body odour matters more than almost anything else when they’re picking sex partners and I know a number of women that will put “good smell” above everything else looks, the sound of their mate’s voice, and the feeling of their mate’s skin. Though some men put “good smell” second only to looks it is important to stay clean shaven. The first do for the male body hair “dos and don’ts” concerns the fact that most men have hair under their arms and women expect and accept it. As a married couple you have to help each other through these hygienic processes than always threaten to leave your partner or look elsewhere for clean shaven armpits. WHEN your best friend dies, at any age, the experience is very traumatic, something you will never forget or perhaps never get over. When it comes to dark skin around the inner thighs, it can be attributed to various factors such as friction caused between inner thighs while walking & doing other activities, over exposure to sun rays, use of tight-fitting clothes, etc. 3, Applying Vitamin E Oil directly to the skin is also an effective treatment for black underarms. 4, Mix pure sandalwood powder with some rose water to make a thick paste, then simply apply it on your armpits.
5, Simply rubbing a small amount of coconut oil on the darkened area can also help you to get rid of this problem of dark armpits.
7, Mix equal amounts of cucumber juice & lime juice along with a pinch of turmeric powder and make a paste out of it.
10, Make a paste by mixing 1 tbsp of ground flour, 1 tbsp of curd, 1 tbsp of milk, and a pinch of turmeric. 11, Take some gram flour, yogurt, fresh lemon juice, and a small amount of turmeric powder. 13, Mix some cucumber juice with honey and apply the mixture directly onto your underarms to lighten the skin tone. In place of commercial deodorants or anti-perspirants, make use of talcum powder or anti-fungal powder.Always opt for waxing instead of shaving. 2, Apply a little lemon juice on the affected area and allow it to stay there for around five minutes. 3, Take a fresh lemon, cut it into half then softly rub it on the skin for around fifteen minutes. 4, Massaging the affected areas with pure aloe vera gel will also help repair the skin also reduce inflammation.
5, Take 1 tsp of honey, milk powder, and lemon juice, then mix all of them together to make a fine paste. 8, Sandalwood powder mixed with cucumber juice is another effective remedy to get back your fairer inner thighs. 9, Apply a paste made from gram flour, fresh curd, and a pinch of turmeric on the darkened areas everyday. 10, You can also apply a mixture of fresh lemon juice and olive oil to get rid of those dark inner thighs. 13, Crush some sesame seeds coarsely, powder the dried mint leaves, then blend them together with a small amount of honey.
Avoid using tight-fitting clothes or undergarments that can bring about friction or excess of sweating in the area.
If your colleagues are maintaining safe distance from you, the first thing you need to do is consider the way you smell. The online women's magazine for fashion, make up, beauty, nails, shoes, hair, love, dating, relationship, wedding, parenting, health, lifestyle, tattoo, kids, careers, jobs, celebrities, news and many more for women by women.
Witch HazelWitch hazel can lower the skin’s pH level and make it impossible for odor-causing bacteria to survive.

Shower with antibacterial soap as much as needed in the summer when you tend to sweat more, and shower after working up a sweat in the gym.
Wear cotton shirts in summer because they soak up sweat, and avoid wearing sleeveless shirts that make armpit odor more prominent. According to the Natural Home Remedies website, sage tea reduces body odor and reduces sweat gland activity. Cleanliness is of three kinds, purification, or keeping the body, clothing, and environment clean and specifically removing the dirt or filth that collects in various parts of the body, such as teeth, nostrils, under the nails, in the armpits and around the pubic area.
I remember one guy who would bury his entire face and nose in my underarms to smell me and enjoyed because he said I always smell good, I do not know why but he just liked doing it. When armpits are clean shaven one reduces sweating and this is the main reason why you should even consider having clean shaven armpits all the time. Since we always keep our armpits closed, the temperature in that area will always be higher than usual.
I mean if we shave those hairs, we will sweat less, which means that there will be fewer bacteria in that area and bad odour will not be such a problem as before. Not only that, but the general opinion is that a woman who does not do that is considered unhygienic.
While swimmers, athletes and hygiene sensitive people have to do it to get better results, others too should do it for practical reasons. Since some people in general sweat more than others, they will and should do anything they can to reduce it instead of blaming it on invented medical excuses.
Many grooming habits that were previously only acceptable for women have become perfectly normal for men and it is all thanks to the changing times that men are also hygiene conscious. This does not mean that you should let your armpit hair turn into an unkempt jungle, though. Darkening of the armpit skin may occur due to a number of reasons like excessive seating, improper cleaning, accumulation of dead cells, poor ventilation of underarms, use of alcohol-based deodorants & antiperspirants, excessive smoking, even due to some health problems such as diabetes or obesity.
Now, if you are having dark underarms or inner thighs, there is nothing to worry about as they are not a serious medical problem. Just take a slice or piece of a fresh lemon and rub it on the pigmented area to lighten the skin.
This Vitamin E oil greatly improves smoothness and suppleness of the skin making it look healthier and less rough. Apply this paste on your underarms and leave it for about 20 minutes before rinsing it off using lukewarm water.
For this, mix a small amount of water with 3 drops of olive oil, 3 drops of wheat germ oil, 3 drops of jojoba oil, and 3 drops of any citrus oil of your choice.
Now, apply this paste on affected areas and then wash it off when it dries (wait for at least half an hour). Mix all these ingredients together to make a paste then directly apply it onto your armpits. Now, prepare a thick paste out of ground orange peel by mixing them with some rose water and milk. Waxing not only helps in removing underarm hair but also acts as an exfoliater because when you strip off the wax, it will remove the layer of dead cells as well. Then, rinse it well using lukewarm water and finally apply some cold cream or a thin layer of olive oil on the skin so as to eliminate the drying effect of lemon juice. Regular application of this mask will surely show you brilliant result within a few days and it will lighten out the dark skin patches between your legs.
Also, opt for an antibacterial soap or one with lemon if body odor is a persistent problem.
Nonetheless, you can use alum and baking soda to control the production of sweat at least temporarily. There are special moisture wicking fabrics that allow the sweat to dry up fast and thereby helps reduce smells. You should steer clear of foods with pungent flavors such as garlic, hot peppers and onion.
Baking SodaAs baking soda helps absorb moisture from the skin, it can absorb sweat and reduce body odor. Bacteria thrive in warm, moist places, making your armpits a particularly good environment for them. This means that we will naturally sweat in that area more, which means that the producing of bacteria will also increase and since bacteria are responsible for bad odour. Many women today prefer men who take care of their hair under their arms so men you better start shaving those armpits if you are not already doing it if you think it is a bit strange to shave yourself as a man, then at least trim your hairs to get health benefits.
In the worst cases, dark armpits are accompanied by some other problems like sweating, bad odor, and itching too.
You can definitely get rid of these disgusting skin problems quickly and easily with some home remedies.
Since ages, this paste has been used as a common household remedy for the treatment of dark underarms.
For the first 14 days, follow this remedy on a daily basis and then you can reduce it to three times a week to get better and faster results.

Now if you simply cannot tolerate waxing and there is no option other than shaving, then make sure that you are using a new blade every time and never forget to apply an antiseptic or anti-microbial cream to the area after shaving. However, make sure you scrub it gently or otherwise it may result in itching and scratching problems. If you follow this procedure on regular basis for a couple of weeks, then certainly it will lighten the skin tone and help you to get back your fairer skin. Wearing this type of attire will definitely avoid constant rubbing between the thigh areas.
You should opt for natural fabrics such as cotton, wool, linen and silks as they allow the skin to breathe better. In such circumstances, you can simply pop in a mint tablet or chewing gum to mask bad breath. Plus, it kills bacteria and works like a natural deodorant.Mix one tablespoon each of baking soda and lemon juice. According to the Home Remedies For You website, antiperspirants can clog pores, which leads to trapped sweat and increased odor. It will not only look better this way, but you will also notice that you will sweat less and therefore smell better.
Likewise, you can also rub raw tomato slices onto the darkened areas to lighten the skin tone. Because of its acidic properties, the lime juice can soak up extra moisture and sweat in the armpit area and this in turn prevents the accumulation of dead cells which actually cause darkening of the skin.
By doing so, you will prevent the problems like ingrown hairs, skin rashes, and further skin discoloration.Ensure that you exfoliate the area on regular basis. Regular application of this homemade pack will surely help you a lot to cure dark and rough inner thighs skin.
Thus, it will prevent further darkening of the skin.Before taking a bath, massage the skin with some oil (like seasame oil, olive oil, or sunflower oil).
If you suffer either from bad breath or body odor, changing the old habits and cultivating new ones can help you avoid embarrassment and awkward situations. Some other causes of offensive body odor include poor hygiene, nutrient deficiencies, gastrointestinal problems like chronic constipation, and underlying medical problems, such as genetic metabolic disorders, liver disease, or diabetes.The primary symptom of body odor is an unusual, pungent smell arising from the body. Try them out and say good bye to dark underarms and inner thighs without fearing any kind of side effects. On the other hand, the cucumber juice acts as a superb cooling agent that reduces itching and other skin irritations whereas the turmeric powder would inhibit discoloration.
Plus, keep the skin clean and dry all the time.Take showers more often especially when the weather is hot. This will help you prevent the build up of bacteria that cause pigmentation and bad body odor.Avoid hair removal creams at all costs because they contain a number of hazardous chemicals that can cause some adverse skin reaction in many people.
Plus, during a bath, make sure to go easy on the soap also avoid bathing using very hot water. Most everyone is magnesium deficient, and transdermal magnesium is a great way to add it to your body!
When these products are used for prolonged period of time, they can even cause permanent damage to the sensitive skin of the armpits.Try to wear cotton clothes whenever possible as they are unbelievably good at absorbing sweat. Do this once daily for a few weeks.Alternatively, mix equal amounts of baking soda and cornstarch.
Hence, if you are over weight and you have big thighs then without any delay adopt the habit of regular exercise in order to maintain a healthy weight.Keep your skin hydrated by consuming two liters of water a day. It also helps eliminate body odor by balancing the pH level of your skin.Soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and rub it on your underarms. Follow this remedy twice daily, once in the morning and again before going to bed, until you notice improvement.Alternatively, add one cup of apple cider vinegar to lukewarm bath water. Soak in this water for 10 minutes once daily.You can also add two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar along with a little honey to a glass of warm water.
I survived surgery because of bad odor Pamela Rolfe March 1, 2016 at 11:52 pm ReplyApple Cider Vinegar 1 tablespoon and 1 teaspoon honey dissolved in a cup of warm water has been a life saver for me after many years of body odour. The acidic property of lemon juice helps lower the skin’s pH level, which in turn makes it difficult for odor-producing bacteria to survive.Cut one fresh lemon into two halves. Follow this remedy once daily until the odor is gone completely.If you have sensitive skin, you can dilute the juice from half a lemon in one-half cup of water and apply it to your underarms using a cotton ball. It also contains menthol and chlorophyll, which have natural deodorant properties that neutralize strong body odor and also lend a nice fragrance to your body. Plus, it has zinc, of which a deficiency can cause body odor.Add one-half cup of dried rosemary leaves to four cups of hot water.
Sage reduces sweat gland activity and is an antibacterial agent that prevents bacteria from thriving on your skin.You can make a natural deodorant with five drops each of sage essential oil, coriander essential oil, and lavender essential oil along with two ounces of distilled witch hazel. Mix them together and put the solution in a spray bottle to use as a daily deodorant.Alternatively, add two tablespoons of dried sage to four cups of hot water and allow it to steep for 10 minutes.

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