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As the name suggests, these crystals that accumulate in your body especially in the joints are uric acid salts which are formed in the body as an end product of purine metabolism. What is interesting is the fact that in most cases only one of the joints is affected, most often that’s the joint of the big toe, although in some cases these crystals can spread to several joints.
The occurrence of high temperature and chills is not rare in people who have problems with this accumulation.
The presence of uric acid crystals in the joints is a hallmark of gout – a disease mostly present in men.
In order to keep uric acid at normal levels you should definitely be careful what you eat, because as we have mentioned before the occurrence of uric acid crystals in joints has its roots in the metabolic disorders. In general, to bypass the accumulation of uric acid crystals in joints, you should avoid alcohol, sugary foods, meat, poultry and give advantage to food that contains less fat because most of these foods have preventive and healing properties.
Not many people know that cucumber juice is very effective when it comes to decreasing of body temperature and for removing uric acid crystallization in joints. The excess of uric acid in the blood stream and eventual crystallisation around the joint is commonly referred to as a condition of gout.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. When there is too much uric acid being produced in the body some of it will form hard microscopic crystals which build up in joint areas. The uric acid crystals, and the body’s reaction to them, make the affected location very sensitive to touch.
Try placing even something as light as a blanket on a toe with gout and you will be in pain like you have never experienced. Uric acids levels in the body usually spike at night due to the overall temperature of the body being reduced from what it normally is.
They can move into the kidneys where they will create a type of stone that can be very dangerous. The body has to be able to excrete that acid at the same rate it is coming in through urination.
If there is excessive uric acid that stays in the body though then there will be the formation of urate crystals and gout will occur.

It’s Uric Acid Crystals, Uric acid crystals are diamond or barrel shaped crystals that are typically yellow to orange-brown in color. They usually appear yellow-brown, but may be colorless and have a six-sided shape, similar to cystine crystals. Uric acid crystals are highly birefringent under polarized light, which aids in distinguishing them from cystine crystals .
Increased amounts of uric acid crystals, particularly in fresh urine, are associated with increased levels of purines and nucleic acids and are seen in patients with leukemia who are receiving chemotherapy, in patients with Lesch-Nyhan syndrome, and, sometimes, in patients with gout. The kidneys process this acid, but in case the kidneys fail to finish this task, high blood levels of uric acid in your system can cause formation of solid crystals. Those who have problem with increased levels of uric acid in their system should take more raw vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C as Awla, Guava, Kiwi, Sweet lime, oranges, capsicum, lemon and green leafy veg. Although you might experience a mild pain when you drink this juice, this is only a way for the body to indicate that there is a process of detoxification. The ongoing damage caused by the crystals and repeated gout attacks can cause significant damage to the joints and surrounding tissues.
It can result in the kidneys not functioning like they should and then toxins are able to build up internally. The accumulation of uric acid crystals in joints and all over the body occurs as a result of either decreased or increased excretion. At the same time prepare the celery ribs – make sure they are completely clean because dirt can find its place anywhere in celery. Well lets read to find more.Once upon a time known as the disease of the rich, gout is now targeting people from all strata or society. Uric acid is a byproduct of a protein-rich diet, which can increase uric acid excretion in the urine. Some experts suggest using various juices based on vegetables like – carrot and celery juice. Ways To Control High Uric AcidWhatever be the cause the condition is a rather painful one and it is important to know how to get rid of uric acid crystals & learn ways to remove uric acid crystallisation.Uric acid crystals are pointed and needle like. Don’t forget that water can be helpful too not only for the elimination of uric acid crystals in joints but also for your health in general.

There are number of foods that can increase the chances of getting gout attacks and should be avoided. On the other hand there are foods that provide relief in the condition and also help prevent uric acid crystallisation. When considering how to get rid of uric acid crystals it would be a good idea to list down foods that bring relief or prevent the crystallisation.Lemon neutralizes the excess uric acid in the blood stream thereby preventing the crystallisation.
It is a good idea to have a glass of lemon water on a daily basis.Gout prone people are often advised to switch to a fruit rich diet as fruits help reduce the amount of uric acid and hence prevent crystallisation. Try including vegetables like carrots, beetroot, cucumbers in the daily menu helps prevent gout. What to avoid?There are some foods that tend to aggravate the gout condition and bring an increased amount of pain and discomfort. They are best to be avoided to keep one safe.Animal protein should be avoided as well as foods rich in it. Things like red meat, foods high in cholesterol and organ meats tend to aggravate the condition. Consume this once or twice a day to notice changes in your condition.Who does not love smoothies? And if you are suffering from gout there will be an added reason to have this lip smacking drink. In a blender add 2 bananas, a cup of frozen berries, pumpkin seeds and half a cup of water.
Mix all ingredients in the mixer to get a smooth and colorful smoothie.The condition of uric acid crystallisation usually affects men after forty and women after menopause. Care must be taken in case of gout and strict diet rules made to avoid any kind of pain and discomfort.

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