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Oftentimes, your dog or puppy will not have the courtesy of telling you that they have fouled your carpet. As much as we love them, dogs will occasionally empty their bladders in our homes and create a bit of an unpleasant odor on the carpet.
It’s the uric acid that creates a lingering smell even after you’ve cleaned up after your dog. When you are certain your pet is healthy, use positive reinforcement to re-train your cat or dog (or train your kitten or puppy) to eliminate in the proper place.

To help promote the source website's article, we sometimes use images from the original article. Squirt a small amount of dish soap into one half cup of hydrogen peroxide and slowly pour the solution over the baking soda. It can be especially potent when the air is humid. We love our four-legged friends dearly…but not so much the stains and messes they leave behind.
There may have been a reason why your pet chose the wrong place to eliminate. There’s no way to avoid the mess, no matter how well trained your friend is, but by making your own cleaners you can avoid lasting stains and extra money spent on store-bought stain removers.

We can’t blame them really-they don’t come into the world knowing they have to go outdoors or in the litter box every time they have to go potty!
For further details on how you can get rid of dog urine smells in your home, click the link below….

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