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The gene that encodes the HBV polymerase overlaps with the gene that encodes the viral envelope, and so mutations in the overlapping reading frame can change both proteins. Those eyes that wander across this digital world and linger over the words contained here in are a testimony to the scholarship and desire to see a point of view.
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A few years ago a brilliant resident in medicine, a friend of mine, one day collapsed while seeing patients. Polyarthralgia arthritis is a severe medical condition, causing acute pain in several joints of the body. Many people can develop this ailment due to sports related injuries, on the other hand few can get it because of the another type of arthritis. Interestingly, Rheumatoid arthritis is one of the important causes of Polyarthralgia arthritis causing pain and inflammation of the joints in the affected area. Unfortunately, certain drugs used in different therapies can also lead to Polyarthralgia arthritis.
This drug is used to treat tuberculosis, but when this drug is taken in high doses, it can lead to the painful condition of Polyarthralgia arthritis.
Osteoarthritis, one of the most common forms of arthritis is also an important cause of Polyarthralgia arthritis.
Polyarthralgia arthritis can be caused due to several other existing diseases, such as the Mixed Connective Tissues Disease (MCTD). Indian Liver Foundation BlogWorld Liver Day 2013: Things you ought to know about your liver.
As the liver performs a variety of important functions it is extremely vulnerable to a variety of metabolic, toxic, microbial, circulatory and cancerous insults. 1.Viral hepatitis is an infection of the liver that is caused by a group of viruses that have particular affinity for the liver. 3.Cirrhosis or scarring of the liver is caused mostly due to alcohol intake, viral infection due to hepatitis B  and C , bile duct disease or iron overload.
4.Drug induced damage caused due to the various medicines we take and chemicals we are exposed to. 5.Liver cancer can be caused by many factors including viral infections (hepatitis B and C), chronic alcoholism, certain food contaminants, genetic factors, cirrhosis of the liver.

In case of acute liver damage (due to drugs, toxins, viral hepatitis A, B or E), there may be fever with yellowish discoloration of sclera (the white of the eye), skin and urine. The above symptoms are not comprehensive and it is best to consult a doctor at the earliest onset of any of the above.
Diet and Alcohol: A balanced diet with low fat content would be well suited to prevent fatty liver.
Exercise: Plays a role in controlling cholesterol and in the metabolism of fat thus indirectly protecting the liver. Hygienic food and drinking water: Hepatitis A and E are known to spread via the oral route. Regular check-ups: Once diagnosed with liver disease, be regular in follow ups with the doctor. This World Liver day, let’s strive not to abuse our liver, one of the most useful organs that we have. This ailment may cause discomfort to small or big joints, such as metacarpal or the joints in the knees, respectively.
Irrespective of the age and sex, this ailment can affect the individual causing severe pain and swelling in the affected area. It hits both men and women, but women between the age group of 40-50 years are more vulnerable to this syndrome.
The most common viruses known to cause this medical condition include Hepatitis, Human immunodeficiency Virus, Chikangunya infection and alpha viral infections. When the drugs used to cure another disease do not suit a person, it tends to react with the body to cause different complications. However, even if this drug is taken in small doses, but consumed with another drug called, clarithromycin, then also the patient remains at a high risk of developing Polyarthralgia arthritis in future. This syndrome is known to affect more women, mostly during menopause, who are usually in their 40s, as compared to men of the same age group. The MCTD includes medical conditions, like scleroderma and Sjogren’s syndrome, which leads to Polyarthralgia arthritis.
If you did not have your liver, you would not be able to process nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals from your food. Awareness of the liver’s functions and what all can cause liver disease can help you take the road to great health.

As liver is the major detoxifying organ in the body, it is subject to an enormous variety of drugs and chemicals.
Three shots of the hepatitis B vaccine taken over three months can provide long term protection against the dreaded disease.
Yet studies continue to use partial genome analysis for reportage that hurts validity and confounds the truth in literature. Any educational content is for the express purpose of advancing human thought, where reason resides. Polyarthralgia arthritis can be caused due to many reasons and may affect different people in different ways. Some may get relief with few medicines, where as others may require a surgery to get rid of the constant discomfort. This ailment is often observed in sportspersons, who get injured while playing their favorite sports, like football or cricket. In addition, people bearing the HLA-DR1 gene are prone to get this ailment than those who do have this gene in their bodies. In addition, there are some bacterial infections too that can cause Polyarthralgia arthritis, which includes subacute bacterial endocarditis. In this metabolic disorder, a lot of uric acid gets accumulated in the blood, causing crystal deposition of the uric acid around different joints.
This is due to the significant lack of calcium in women, when they are nearing or have already reached the menopause stage. Hepatitis B, C and D are acquired through blood, body fluids and by unprotected sexual contact. In a small percentage, this may progress to fulminant liver failure leading to coma, altered blood clotting, kidney failure, secondary infections and may even require liver transplantation. It is always better to consult a doctor before taking medications and follow up at the slightest evidence of ill health.
Certain herbal medications could also cause damage to the liver and so can medications for tuberculosis.

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