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However, in traveling a lot, and putting your pen drive in many different computers, the risk of your USB drive becoming infected with a virus increases dramatically.  You simply cannot ensure that the other systems that you are using maintain strict virus control policies. However, I use what has been a great virus protection program called AVG Anti-Virus and I thought this would do the trick and get rid of the virus on my USB drive. You can see that the message says that it cannot remove the thumb drive virus from a non-local drive. I tried to go to the USB drive itself and simply remove the file, but the system wouldn’t let me. This is in fact the nature of many computer viruses…they replicate themselves within other files and run automatically so that you cannot delete them because they are active files and may have a hidden and read only attribute set on them.
Thus, it is a best practice to download the necessary utilities and then run your computer in safe mode by pressing F8 before Windows starts and then choosing to run your computer in safe mode.
Fortunately for me, I was able to delete the virus associated with the autorun.inf file by going into safe mode and then running the flash disinfector.
I have heard of cases where the flash disinfector did not eliminate the virus on the USB drive.

To do a comprehensive cleaning of your system to rid your computer and USB drive of viruses and malware, visit this page. It is no great pleasure to have a virus on your thumb drive and they can often be difficult to remove. Moral of the story: be careful and try to determine if a site that provides suggestions to clear a virus off of your pen drive is legitimate or a farce.
The first step is to always consult the website of your anti-virus application as they usually have a solution to your problem. Have you ever gone to transfer some videos or media to your USB flash drive to watch via your Blu-Ray player and discovered a mysterious folder named BUDA?
The folder appears to be completely empty and has no real reason for existing, so you’ve thrown it in your computer’s waste basket – only to find that it reappears time and time again. Despite being seemingly harmless the BUDA dilemma had been baffling and frustrating me for a while and I noticed, to my complete bemusement, that it was soon appearing on a number of my other USB drives as well! When I finally looked into the cause of this phenomenon I was somewhat relieved to find that I was not alone in my desperation and there was an explanation!

Few have mistaken the BUDA file to be a virus, due to its persistent nature, but in fact it’s something that’s created automatically whenever you connect to an internet-enabled Blu-Ray device. So we now know it’s nothing malicious but it’s still there every time you open the USB folder to view your files and that’s still a little bit annoying. You can set this to Do Not Allow – and this will disable the Blu-Ray player’s internet connection as well as the unused BD-Live feature, ultimately preventing the BUDA folder from being created or bugging you every time you view the USB contents on your computer! The idea being that the makers of the Blu-Ray discs might want to offer additional downloadable content (such as trailers and extended scenes) to their movies after release to enhance the viewer’s experience.
Internet-capable Blu-Ray players from a range of manufacturers including Sony, LG and Panasonic have BD-Live active as standard but fortunately it can be turned off! This little-known and rarely-used feature is called BD-Live and the BUDA folder gets created on the USB drive to hold any data you want to download.

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